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Dr. Shaima Abu Zeid One of the prominent figures of Faculty of Girls


Shaima Abdel-Wahid Abu Zeid Abdel-Zahir Al-Nahhas, or Shaima Abu Zeid, as she became famous in the scientific community, the first woman to obtain a doctorate in the field of nuclear physics, a double doctorate between the University of Ain Shams and the Free University of Brussels under the title “Searching for neutral electric charge coupling in changing Flavor the top quark by experimenting with the built-in muon solenoid on the Large Hadron Collider.

Shaima graduated from the Faculty of Girls at Ain Shams University with distinction and was appointed as a teaching assistant at the university. She obtained the title of the first Egyptian woman to obtain a doctorate in the field of nuclear particle physics in 2018, and is considered the first Egyptian woman to obtain the title in Egypt, immediately after announcing her PhD in the field of particle physics. She was celebrated by a number of Egyptian websites, and appeared on a number of satellite channels in her honor.

The love of curiosity and exploration nourished Shaima’s spirit when she was young, as her approach was to perfect everything she did, and success pursued her small spectrum, as she took upon her shoulders the love of this field that she met to satisfy her passion, to graduate with excellence and be appointed as a teaching assistant at the same university.

Six months before her appointment, her research reached the existence of a cure for childhood cancer tumors, to which she received offers to travel and study abroad from several countries, including Iran, but she refused a desire to benefit her country, until Ain Shams University nominated her for a scholarship at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, to travel Abu Zeid is loaded with all of her ancient Upper Egypt assets, and her wishes to return to her homeland and informed him of her knowledge. The young girl, despite her young age, was able to force the West to respect her principles, customs and traditions.

She is also a member of the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), which employs thousands of scientists and researchers.

Abu Zeid confirmed that she is proud of being one of the members of the working team at the European Center for Nuclear Research, and that she is also proud of being the first Egyptian to be a technical alternate in one of the experiences of this center (the CMS experiment), indicating that she is on her way to be the first guide (tour-guide) within this experiment.