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The Hospital of Students

17636 2020-10-11

The Students Hospital includes 11 outpatient clinics on the first floor, namely: Orthopedic - Internal Medicine - Urology - General Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynecology - Ophthalmology - Skin Diseases - Tumors - Nose and Ear - Psychological and Neurological - Brain and Nerves in addition to a pharmacy for dispensing medicines.

The second floor also contains (7) internal student rooms containing (24) beds in addition to a room for doctors' housing, two rooms for the laboratory, physiotherapy rooms, the office of the hospital director and the surgical operations department and has two operating rooms and a sterilization room. The third floor contains (7) Rooms for female students containing (20) beds and a maintenance technician room, in addition to three rooms for accounts and purchases. 



Requirements for a student to qualify for medical care services from specialized clinics in the medical administration: 

  • The student shall pay all tuition fees.
  • Extraction of the university's medical care
  • Submit a transfer letter from the medical center in the faculty in which the student is enrolled, directed to the specialized clinic concerned with the examination of the student in the Medical Administration, according to which the medical examination is performed.
  • It is a necessity to have health acquaintance card with the student transferred to specialized clinics
  • Obtain the student's medical file from the files section of the Medical Administration.
  • Conduct a medical examination of the student in the specialized clinic concerned with his case, and recording all medical developments in the student's medical file.