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Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Al-Damati

17221 2020-11-12

A man granted his life to archeology ... and devoted his time to researching this science ... as he was passionate about exploring the depths of history, knowing the facts, and uncovering hidden secrets ... He is Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Muhammad Gad Al-Damati, Professor of Egyptology at the Department of Archeology - Faculty of Arts - Ain Shams University.

Al-Damati was born on December 6, 1961 in Cairo, graduated from the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University in 1983, and had a master's degree in ancient Egyptian antiquities in 1989 from the same university.  The doctoral thesis was " Sitt Musakhanet Hall at Dendera Temple, a religious and linguistic study." Then he traveled to the University of Trier in Germany to obtain a doctorate in Egyptology with honors, and the doctoral examination included the following sciences: Ancient Egyptian Archeology, "basic subject" and science Greek and Roman Archeology, "First Sub-Subject, and Ethnology," Second Sub-material.

Al-Damati's effort, diligence and interest in antiquities made him qualified to occupy many positions, including Assistant Secretary (with a contract) in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo in the summer of 1981, summer 1982 and from June 1983 until January 1984, then from April 1985 until September 1987, Secretary of the Museum of the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University from October 1988 Until January 1996, Director General of the Egyptian Museum from the first of February 2001 until the end of January 2004, then the former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities in the government of Ibrahim Mahlab.

Beside his administrative work, Al-Damati did not forget his interest in science, as he was keen on continuing his efforts by working as a teacher of ancient Egyptian antiquities at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Cairo University, Fayoum Branch, from January 15, 1996 to August 5, 1998, teacher of ancient Egyptian antiquities, Department of Archeology, Faculty of Arts - Ain University Shams from August 6, 1998 until January 31, 2001, Assistant Professor of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, from March 25, 2001 to August 20, 2006, Professor of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities since August 21, 2006, Visiting Professor, Department of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities, University of Basel, Switzerland, in the summer semester 2005, he also taught the courses on “Antiquities of Egypt in the Late Period and the Ptolemaic Period” and “History of Ancient Egyptian Art” at the Department of Egyptian Antiquities at the American University in Cairo since February 1, 2006.

He participated in many international conferences, supervised a number of scientific thesis, and has many scientific researches. He also received the "Knight" Medal from the President of the Republic of Italy on October 10, 2004.

During his tenure in the Antiquities portfolio, Al-Damati was able to recover 460 artifacts and open 12 archaeological sites in Egypt.

A march full of knowledge, tender and distinguished by working to retrieve Egyptian antiquities and introduce them in every forum.