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Scientific Museum of rocks, minerals and fossils


The museum is located in the ground floor of the old building of the Faculty of Geology and is one of the oldest geological museums in Egypt. It contains a variety of rocks, minerals, fossils and geological phenomena that help students and researchers in various geological fields. It contains more than 3000 samples collected by faculty members and their assistants through their research or methodical trips to all areas of Egypt.



The museum also includes collections of sample samples collected by some foreign scientists or graduates of the department, they are:

King Farouk Collection: The Revolutionary Government donated it to the Department of Geology, containing 250 samples of King Farouk's collection of minerals, rocks, vertebrates, invertebrates and some geological phenomena in the deserts of Egypt.

Minerals and Rocks Collection: It contains typical samples of minerals and rocks collected by German Scientist “Krantz”, containing more than 500 samples of minerals and 600 samples of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Geology of Egypt Collection: It contains 300 samples of large and accurate fossils, which includes most of the kinds of the animal kingdom and a group of plant fossils.

Excavation and fossil sequence: This collection contains more than 600 samples of global fossils guiding the stages of the geological column and contains more than 300 samples of invertebrate fossils.

Egyptian Society Group for Sedimentology: Contains more than 300 samples of different types of sedimentary rocks and their economic importance in Egypt and its role in the evaluation of Egyptian civilization. It is prepared by Prof. Dr. Suleiman Mahmoud Suleiman.

Prof. Dr. Haider Anan Collection: It is presented by Haider Salim Anan, a former member of the department, and contains about 200 samples representing different types of rocks, economic minerals and fossils.