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Transfer Services


 Admission Rules

Steps to register on the electronic transfers website at Ain Shams University: -

  • 1. Visit the electronic transfer platform at Ain Shams University by scanning the QR or visit this link
  • 2. Click on create a new account, then fill in the personal information in Arabic carefully, then click on register.
  • 3. After creating the account, enter the email and password, and click Login.
  • 4. After logging in successfully, you will see windows within each window, types of transfer and a file containing the conditions, rules, and papers required to submit a transfer request.
  • 5. When entering any window, there is data for the student to fill in this data, as well as a button to attach the file of the required documents.
  • 6. After registering the data and attaching the file, click on Register.
  • 7. On the personal page, you will see the status of the request below, which is as follows:
  • - Under review (and this case means that the concerned employee is looking at the data and documents related to your request).
  • - Approved and please pay the fees (and this case means that your application has been accepted and please pay the value of the form that will appear next to the status of the application).
  • - Approved (this means that the form has been approved and the value of the form has been paid, and a message will appear to you with instructions to complete the procedures).
  • - Rejected (this means that your application has been rejected, and the reason for the rejection will be explained to you below the status of the application).
  • - The fee payment page will show Fawry payment method.

Important Notes:

  • 1. Write the data in Arabic.
  • 2. Writing the full name and from the national ID card and birth certificate.
  • 3. Enter all the data when registering an application.
  • 4. Attach the file of documents required for transfer.
  • 5. Keep the payment receipt from Fawry.

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