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18399 2020-12-09

  Admission link for Colleges and Institutes coordination



University administration is keen on providing electronic coordination service during the time periods specified by the Ministry of Higher Education on the site for high school Egyptian students and certificates equation for Arab and foreign technical diplomas of various types manifold to enroll in universities and in collaboration with the laboratories of some faculties and assisting agencies in various departments in university in addition to providing all the tools that help in required service quality and excellence working in good reception of students , accompanying and guiding them to complete the coordination process in the required manner under the supervision of university leaders.       

Electronic Coordination Labs 2019-2020
Electronic Coordination Labs 2020-2021


     The number of candidates to the University through the Coordination Office of various faculties of the university for the academic year 2012/2013 (40180) male and female students

  • A specified period of paper remittances opens for fresh high school students in order to reduce expatriation number. Transfer paper for high school students has been converted school students first, second and third wishing to transfer to the University of Ain ​​Shams in accordance with the conditions stated by the Coordinating Bureau headquarters in light of reducing expatriation through foliar conversion in university nearly 5174 students.
  • After announcing the results of the nomination in each stage of various coordination stages, student can print card nomination of coordination website, and go to faculty, which was nominated there directly to make his papers and complete his registration procedures that the student shall provide required papers as the following:

1) White Form that indicate success.
2) (6) Personal photos.
3) Original birth certificate or an official extract
4) Model (2) recruited only for male students (from the post office).
5) Sports Excellence Certificate (for students with sports incentives only)
6) Written approval of the Director of the air secondary school and internal military students with a high school from one of these schools to enroll in a faculty or institute.

Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, was keen to inspect the electronic coordination laboratories at Ain Shams University, which received secondary school students of the year 2019/2020 to submit applications for admission to various universities and faculties. He was also keen to listen to the students and their families to know the progress of the electronic coordination process in several visits to the laboratories at Ain Shams University.