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Portal Project

Project Manager: Dr/ Rasha Ismael

The project aims to design an online Portal for Ain Shams University by providing the demanded data easily from the faculties & unites of the university. Hence, the browser can reach information about professors, students, administrators, the events in the university or any other information through the Portal.

 Projects Goals

 1- Designing websites for the university & the faculties includes:

    University's Agenda, news, advertisement and academic plans

 -University's Sectors: University Management, Students affairs sector, high studies and scientific research sector, community and environment services sector, university's faculties & institutes and the special units that follows university's management or the faculties.

2- Offering electronic services to all university students.

3- Offering electronic services to all high studies students.

4- Offering electronic services to all professors.

5- Offering electronic services to the private sector & civil society.

 Portal is being designed right now using the international standard methods that easily allow exchanging information with universities, local & international organizations. The project provides interfaces to use the information systems services in the universities through the feature of single sign in such as:

Systems of administrative information for students, digital libraries, electronic learning and training, news, e-mails and Blogs that attract students & support their sense of belonging to the university.

 Basic data of the project:

1 The University Ain Shams University
2 Project Name Operating & activating the university’s portal project
3 Project Manager Dr/ Rasha Ismael
4 Means Of communications Tel. Fax. 26849677
5 Project Budget

ICTB Input

University Input


6 Project starting date 1-4-2010
7 implementation period ________



 Beneficiaries categories:

Ain Shams University administration, University Professors, University Students, University faculties, institutes and centres.