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Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF)

18569 2022-06-02

In 2006, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research launched an ambitious project to modify the course of scientific research activities in Egypt. In 2007, the Ministry succeeded in restructuring the scientific research system by establishing the Supreme Council for Science and Technology by Republican Decree No. 217 of 2007, followed by the establishment of the Science and Technological Development Fund (STDF) under Republican Decree No. 218 of 2007, provided that the Fund will be a national institution that ensures the financing of scientific research to achieve technological development through the priorities set by the Supreme Council for Science and Technology, and last June, the House of Representatives approved the draft law submitted by the Ministry to transform the Fund to an independent body.

  • What are the strategic objectives of the Fund, and the addition to the decision to transform it into an independent body?

- In accordance with the Republican Decree on the establishment of the Fund, five main objectives have been identified to support the national knowledge-based economy: to ensure the financing of scientific research and technological development within the priorities set by the Supreme Council for Science and Technology; to support the innovative capabilities of the Science and Technology System; For scientific research and development of national products based on knowledge and technology (published research - patents - semi-industrial models - products), support the dissemination of data and information on science and technology, and conduct a continuous and detailed assessment of science and technology indicators, patents, and the impact on the national economy and transforming it into a body, allowing the establishment of companies and production projects, in addition to freedom of spending, as well as marketing and contracting with companies that play this role.

What is the total funding for scientific research, and the number of projects since its establishment 11 years ago?

- The total funding amounted to 1.9 billion pounds for 2500 research projects, which resulted in 3000 scientific researches, and the Fund is the largest funding bodies for scientific research in Egypt, began with funding of 100 million pounds, and currently amounted to half a billion pounds annually.