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Microsoft Tour of Ain Shams University


Microsoft Tour at Ain Shams University

A tour that lasted more than 15 days, including all the faculties and institutes of Ain Shams University, and did not forget students, staff, faculty and assisting body. It is the tour of Microsoft team at the University of Ain Shams, which was held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, University President, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdul Hamid, Vice President for Environment and Community Services, and Executive Director of Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abdul Aziz, under the supervision of the Secretary General of the University, Mr. Samir Abdul Nasser.


On the most important day of the tour, which targeted all faculty members at Ain Shams University, witnessed a great turnout and a wide presence of mass media. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abdul Aziz, Director of Information Technology, Ain Shams University and Mr. Karam Hegazi, Assistant Secretary for Graduate Studies and Research honored Eng. Harb Bo Harb, Regional Director of Microsoft Education Sector at Middle East and Africa, Eng. Noha Labib, Education Sector Manager at Microsoft Egypt and Eng. Ebeid Atef Ebeid, Microsoft Education Technology Officer; Hani Shaker, Director of the Digital Library, and Director of Information Technology Unit at Faculty of Specific Education.

The workshop also included the honoring of the information technology team at the university, which included Mr. Mohammed Mahmoud, General Manager of IT Marketing, Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hai, General Manager of IT Projects Follow-up, Mrs. Hoda El Ghitani, journalist of Ain Shams University website and Mr. Abdel Halim Abdel Hady Coordinator of the official website of Ain Shams University.



Faculty staff

During the workshop, Eng. Ebeid Atef talked about the free services offered to faculty members from Microsoft. Dr. Hani Shaker also talked about the services that were developed at the Faculty of Specific Education using the university's e-mail.

Microsoft has held a number of workshops since 17 February in Nursing, Specific Education, Commerce, Al-Alsun, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Engineering, Agriculture, Girls, Education and Medicine.




A similar workshop was held for Ain Shams University employees, during which many information and services that employees can use in their work were clarified to help save time, effort and costs, maintain databases and ensure that they are not lost. The employees expressed their great interest in the workshop, to hold more workshops and activate the use of official e-mail in all departments of the university to save a lot of time and effort, and to benefit of a number of employees in other areas.



Faculty of Commerce

The Executive Director of Information Technology at Ain Shams University, Dr. Mohammed Hassan Abdul Aziz, announced the agreement with Microsoft to launch distinguished services for students of the Faculty of Commerce at the University. He confirmed that the inquiries from students and the definition of these services will continue until Thursday 28 February, in order to achieve the most benefit of the students, faculty staff and assisting body.

A workshop was opened at the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University about Microsoft and the services provided by the company to the university in general, and the great advantages that were allocated by the Faculty of Commerce.

The Microsoft team has begun to hand over all students at the Commerce School to each student's official email and PIN, which enables them to access all Microsoft software and services free of charge.

Microsoft's technology officer for the education sector, Ebeid Atef Ebeid, revealed an advantage to all official e-mail users at Ain Shams University, a set of free training or courses to learn how to use all Microsoft programs. He pointed out other free programs that can be used in technology in general, pointing to the possibility of access to all these courses through the following links:



To download all Microsoft programs:

To access the personal email registration page:

Ebeid unveiled a gift from Microsoft, a free Azure space of up to $ 100.

Ebeid pointed out the possibility of downloading the full version of Windows full of all programs free of charge by Microsoft using the email, in addition to get 5 copies of free of charge, in addition to many programs.

Mr. Ebeid, who presented the workshop, said that all faculty students have an e-mail and only communicate with the Microsoft team at the college or contact an IT department at the college to get it.

Ebeid also confirmed that all data on Microsoft software is fully secure and can not be hacked or lost for any reason, and the space per user is not limited to a certain area.

In the Faculty of Commerce, the Director of the Digital Library Project and the Director of the Information Technology Unit at the Faculty of Specific Education, Dr. Hani Shaker, spoke about the important technological services that were distributed in the Faculty of Specific Education using the official e-mail. He pointed out the great success achieved by this experience, which was supported by the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi, which prompted a number of faculties to demand the generalization of some of these programs in a number of faculties of Ain Shams University, including the Faculty of Commerce, which will actually activate a number of them.

Shaker talked about a number of programs used in the Faculty of Specific Education such as (wameed, Esthkakty, Aagel, Wamda special, reminder and others), for more details about all these services and others.

For his part, Dr. Khalid Kadri praised the services announced by Microsoft, pointing out the importance of activating these services and using them, and assured the ease of access of students to their personal mail from the Microsoft team immediately.

Dr. Hayam Wahba expressed her admiration for the services announced by Microsoft, noting the extent to which students are interested in the services provided by the company to make the most of it.

The Microsoft team visited the Faculty of Commerce for the second time to hold workshops on its programs and services. During the open day held at the Faculty of Commerce, Ebeid Atef Ebeid, Microsoft's Technology Officer for the Education Sector, clarifies many services and how to benefit from them.

The students expressed their appreciation and interest in Microsoft services and programs.

Microsoft teamed up with the MSP team to answer individual student queries, as well as receiving each student's e-mail and password.

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

The faculty of computers and information was one of the most prominent faculties that interacted with the workshop and demanded more workshops.

The students expressed their admiration for these programs, which will provide them with a lot of time and effort, and they are directly involved in the core of their specialty.



Faculty of Agriculture

In the midst of the surprises and gifts of Microsoft, the university students continue to welcome the company's work in the faculties of the university. In the engineering and agriculture faculties, the workshop witnessed a great presence and emphasized the importance of the gifts presented by Microsoft to the faculty students.

For their part, the students welcomed the workshop, stressing their great benefit from it, and asked for more workshops.

It is worth mentioning that the students attending the workshops in all faculties have interacted with the lecturer and asked many questions and questions. They stressed that this workshop will save them a lot of time and effort, and will be able through Microsoft programs to communicate with colleagues without the need to be together in one place, Work on modifying their research and working papers together without the need to modify more than once.

The students also praised the training sites announced by Microsoft, the free fee services provided to Ain Shams University alone, and talked about the possibility of downloading all genuine Microsoft programs, which is a great advantage in itself.


Environment Institute

Microsoft's tour today included a workshop at the faculty of Pharmacy and the Graduate Institute of Environmental Sciences.

"The workshop was very important and we are calling for more workshops," said Sarah Ibrahim, head of the IT unit.

The student Hager Adel explained that engineer Ebeid talked about many of the distinctive services, and provided a number of important training sites, and these programs are modern, therefore, we will benefit from in the field of our work and our study.

"The workshop was very excellent, and I benefited greatly from it although I am interested in technology," said Raymond Emad, a fourth-year student. "This workshop was of great importance because it has relevance to our fields of work. One place without having to look for it in several fields"

At the Institute of Higher Studies for Environmental Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hisham Al Kassas, Dean of the Institute, said that the attendance of more than 100 students today is proof of the success of the workshop, especially as most of them have asked to organize other workshops and demand similar workshops for faculty members to benefit from the free services of Microsoft.

For her part, Noha Samer, Director of the Information Technology Unit at the Institute said that the workshop was very good, and this was evident from the interaction of the attendance and their insistence on organizing other workshops and their inquiries about the workshop, which will be organized for the faculty members on 27 in the conference hall.

She stressed the need to hold two or more workshops during each semester due to the importance of the services provided, and to provide greater opportunity for more students to take advantage of Microsoft's modern programs and valuable and important and related to our areas of study and work closely.

Tamer Hani is a PhD student at the Graduate Institute of Environmental Sciences said that the workshop is very good, and I have benefited greatly from it. I hope that this workshop will be recorded and copied on cd to maximize its benefit.


Faculty of Specific Education

The Faculty of Specific Education Hall witnessed a great presence and interaction with the Microsoft workshop

The students of the Department of Education Technology at the faculty had a great interest in the workshop and asked many questions about the services and programs provided by Microsoft and how to benefit from them, especially as they are closely related to their field of specialization and can greatly benefit them in their scientific studies and future work.

For his part, the Director of the Information Technology Unit, Faculty of Specific Education, Dr. Hani Shaker, said that the Microsoft workshop was very distinctive, as Mr. Ebeid presented a distinguished presentation and at the heart of the educational process.

He pointed out that although the workshop was dedicated to students, but a number of faculty members attended the workshop for their interest in services provided by Microsoft.

Shaker pointed out that the Faculty of Specific Education, with the support and encouragement of the Dean of the College Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi, has made great strides in using the official email, as all faculty members use it on a daily basis, while students of the second, third and fourth years use it very much. For the first year, students are preparing to activate the official email for all students in the coming days.

Shaker explained that the interaction of students with Ebeid was very clear, and showed a great indication of their interest and interest in services and new programs that they can benefit from using official email.

He called for more workshops at the faculty to increase students' access to Microsoft programs, especially that the company's services will benefit them in their field of study and future fields of work.

The President of the Student Union in the Faculty of Specific Education Ibrahim Hassan called for the need to organize more workshops, noting that the large attendance came after informing the students through the Federation of the workshop, pointing out that show the extent of interest in students of the advantages offered by Microsoft to students.

He explained that the official email activated since 3 years of the college provides them with a lot of time and effort, in addition to other services obtained by the likes of Microsoft programs very important as he put it.

He pointed out that the interaction of the students was great with the lecturer in the workshop, as they asked many questions about the mechanisms of using these programs, while focused the first year students on how to get the email.

It should be noted that the Faculty of Specific Education tops the faculties of Ain Shams University in the use of official email, and benefit from Microsoft programs.


Faculty of Nursing

For her part, Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi praised the presentation presented by Eng. Ebeid Atef and gave him the shield in favor of his efforts and his continuous communication with the Faculty to provide possible services and answer ongoing queries. She also thanked the Executive Director of Information Technology Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abdel Aziz and the workshop-based team for their importance and great value.

As well as the case of the Faculty of Nursing, which witnessed one of its halls a large presence and a great interest by students who expressed their gratitude from the workshop, demanding more workshops.