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Ain Shams Scholar… A quantum leap, important for researchers... aspirations towards providing more services


Ain Shams University is seeking to establish an emerging company working on marketing the Ain Shams system inside and outside Egypt.

Based on the interest of Ain Shams University in providing scientific services to students and researchers, they have always facilitated their access to research, scientific thesis and to benefit from them through the scientific research system "Shams Scholar".

Through this system, the researcher from anywhere can access the scientific thesis and research on the system, as well as access to (profiles) of researchers and faculty members of the university.

In this regard, Ain Shams University is the first university in Egypt in terms of acquisition of scientific thesis. It has more than 180 thousand scientific thesis, out of nearly 250,000 thesis from all Egyptian universities, which means that Ain Shams University contains more than half of the scientific thesis in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and through Ain Shams Scholar system, researchers can access these thesis and scientific research.

This system contains all scientific research at Ain Shams University. It also contains profiles for faculty members and scientific thesis (Master and PhD presented at the university)

The system has so far contains 6,000 scientific research, 164 thousand scientific thesis (Master and PhD), and 2400 (profile) for faculty members of the university.

Through the Ain Shams Scholar system, you can access the information required from many international search sources such as Scopus, Ordk, Due I, Sini, and provides easy access to information acquisition and preservation.

This system requires obtaining an official email from the faculty to which the faculty member belongs.

The system provides the search process in both Arabic and English. The system also facilitates the availability of data and information on it. The information can be stored on a personal basis or from a source or saved in Excel Sheet in any other way. It is available to any reader only 15 pages of each scientific thesis, and can be accessed on this system from anywhere in the world.

It is possible to obtain statistics on the number of times of research, the number of times of view, and the number of times of loading, whether for scientific research or scientific messages or CVs, and the most topics that have been accessed and benefit from. In addition to the places that have been entered, across a map or map showing continents, states, capitals, and cities.

The University Information Network team is keen to make this assessment periodically on a monthly basis.

Since the profiles of researchers and faculty staff are on the system, members have been given the possibility to place data on the system cannot be viewed by anyone except with the consent of the researcher and after personal correspondence.

In order to facilitate dealing with this system, Ain Shams Scholar has organized 3 workshops at different times, with 8600 hours of training, attended by 4300 faculty members.

For his part, the Executive Director of IT projects, Dr. Mohammed Al-Alimi, said that the President of Ain Shams University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat adopted the system of Ain Shams Scholar, and placed in the priorities of incubation projects at the university to be supported and developed.

Ain Shams Scholar system has been completed as an initial product and selected to be among the important projects to obtain support, and has been tested and proven successful.

He explained that the system has been developed to accommodate all forms of production of scientific research in the university from university letters and articles and research reports divided into profiles of members of the faculty and scientific sections and research groups.

He added that Ain Shams University is now seeking to establish an emerging company that will develop and market the system to Egyptian universities. He pointed out that it is intended to benefit from the system in marketing outside the Arab Republic of Egypt as well.