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Admission of Resigned students from police academy


Student who resigned from the Police academy and was enrolled in first year when he converts it must be conform to the requirements of total recorded at the Faculty of Law or his registration is transferred to the college that match with his total grades

Higher stages students resigning from first year may be accepted after the offset of the decisions that have been studied and determined by the college for this equation.


Faculty of Education accepts teachers of English or French who work in public schools who have high qualified except the Division of English or French Division applicant must be:

• holds High qualification

• To be a candidate by the Training Department at the Ministry of Education

• To be teachers of public schools

• The applicant must be to assess the efficiency test (excellent) the last two years of his hand (the duration of the study 4 years)

• The graduate get after that a bachelor's degree in Arts and Education, division of the language (English / French).