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Through a Progressive Vision and Executive Steps of University Efforts, Faculty of Specific Education introduces new programs


In anticipation of a future in line with the language of the age ... In preparation for a quantum leap saves time, effort and costs, The Information Technology Unit of the Faculty of Specific Education has developed a set of distinctive electronic programs.

This comes under the patronage of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi, Director of IT Project at the University Dr. Mohamed Al-Elimy, and under the supervision of Dr. Hani Shaker, Director of the Information Technology Unit, Faculty of Specific Education.

This step is part of the University's plan to stimulate and encourage digital and electronic transaction instead of paperwork. The Information Technology Unit at the Faculty of Specific Education has implemented this approach by taking advantage of the official e-mail received by faculty, staff and students.

Dr. Hani Shaker said that the idea of working on the development of the programs that will be mentioned later came from activating the official e-mail of the faculty members of the Faculty of Specific Education, students and staff. The faculty member receives a statement from the faculty to activate the email, but we wanted to develop a vision that forces the employees of the faculty to use and benefit from it, which will save them time, effort, and costs as well.

Based on the idea of the need to keep pace with the university's tendency to activate the e-mail, ideas emerged to provide important services for the benefit of the student and employee and faculty member, and hence began to develop a set of technological programs that are available to the user through e-mail.

The information technology unit of the faculty worked to study the problems of the faculty staff and their needs and interests. A set of ideas that provided services provided the time, effort and costs to the students in the university and postgraduate studies. It is based on the fact that the faculty member is the main service provider, provided that the employee is part of the series of such services.

"My entitlements" Service                                                         

To provide this service, it was agreed with the University administration to provide electronic payment and collection data at the university, where the faculty member is sent all the data of his financial collection on the email.

"Whats About" Service

This idea emerged from the need of faculty members to return to the university headquarters in Abbasiyah to inquire about any financial aspects of their own, because the unit of accounts of the faculty is located on the main campus. Through this service, a member of the faculty can inquire about any financial data of his / her, and the concerned staff will answer his / her question within 24 hours.

" Skype For Business" Services

The official e-mail provided by the university to the faculty member, employee and student grants a license to benefit from Skype in a very efficient manner. Hence, we wanted to use this service to organize workshops for faculty members on the advantages of using e-mail through this service at times when they can be full-time. It also does not oblige them to be in a particular place, thus increasing the turnout to attend the workshops organized in the college, especially since the faculty member or employee receives a statement of attendance in the event of follow-up online.

He added that the percentage of organized workshops in the faculty online is 90% or more.

"Smart Poster"

As a result of the students' lack of knowledge about the subject regulation and subjects, and the ease of attendance, absenteeism and other services, this service was created that provides the student with access to (the list of subjects, description, attendance in the lectures, previous tests, downloading the course, Online through e-mail.

He explained that there is a poster hanging on the door of the room of each faculty member includes a code and through his photograph, the student can get all the previous data.

"The poster has been developed to be more concise and gives the faculty member an opportunity to increase some attachments if he wants such a service offered to postgraduate students or similar.

"Electronic management"

Microsoft services have been downloaded to all computers in the Faculty of Specific Education through the Microsoft Team program to be utilized. Through these services, the administrative meetings are held at the faculty online, after the necessary resources have been provided.

Through this service, the faculty member can inquire from any employee about any information online, and the two sides can send any data or documents via e-mail, which became a personal representative of all staff in the faculty, so any staff member or faculty member reporting in the unit Information technology if his phone is stolen or so on.

"Reminder service"                                                      

Through this service, faculty members are reminded of the dates of the Faculty Councils, the Boards of the Department, the meetings and the Library Committee, and by email, the subject is mentioned 24 hours before the date of the meeting.

"Studying table service"

Through this service, the student can know his schedule, dates, lecture halls and professor of subjects through the program My Steady Live, and once the entry on the program can know this data before the lecture by 15 minutes, and can be through this program to recall the lecture and follow the head of the Department of the educational process.

"Official Billboard"

Through this program, the faculty member can send any topic or correspondence to the department to be presented in the department's board. This service enables the head of the department to send e-mails electronically to faculty members and students through the official email.

"Headlines Service"

In order to implement this service, it has contacted with the postgraduate studies at the faculty, through which, he can get the data of any master's or doctoral thesis in the faculty through the program (Ya"mmor).

"Inquiries service"

It is dedicated to postgraduate studies, and it is easy for them to inquire about any information via e-mail without having to come to the college's headquarters.

"Flash Service"

Through this service, members of the faculty are educated about the law of organizing universities. The law is sent daily on the e-mail at seven o'clock in the morning from Saturday to Thursday, indicating that this service has been in operation for 4 months and contributed greatly to increase the knowledge of members of teaching body by law and their rights and duties.

"Wamda Special" Service

Through this service, the articles of the law of the organization of private universities are sent, and they are sent every Friday. This service was also linked to a program that allows inquiring about any side.

"Ajel News"                                                              

This service provides what the daily papers say about Ain Shams University, documented in the news source.

"Al Mashy"

This service is designed to enable faculty members to browse Facebook pages to browse this service. Subscribers can comment on any scientific or useful information anywhere, and others can comment on it and interact with it.

" Order"                                                                                                                                                           

This service is intended to communicate with the cafeteria to request any request, and then the cafeteria is returned by flag, and the order is sent back about 7 minutes.

"International Publishing Consultancy"

This service is dedicated to the inquiries of faculty members about any information about international publishing. Dr. Ibrahim Nassar manages this

service. The inquiry is answered within 24 hours.

"Let me go" service                                                                                                                                 

It is specialized in organizing the exit of cars to the faculty, where the collected numbers of cars on the faculty and the number of 120 cars, and a program was included in the names of employees and faculty members of car owners with their car numbers and phone numbers for easy communication with them.

"Specific education Show"

He said that this service will be activated within the next 4 months, which is a collective video program broadcast on a YouTube channel prepared and directed by the departments of the faculty together in a collaborative way. Through it is hosted guest faculty members at the faculty to talk about an important scientific subject.

He pointed out that these programs have been circulated to a number of faculties, as a number of them have begun to provide the necessary means to benefit from them and use them. He pointed out that the faculties working on this are (Girls, Nursing, Commerce, Arts, and Dentistry). In addition, some of them have been activated already in the faculties of education and agriculture.