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Prof. Dr. Magid Mahmoud Abu El-Enin - Dean of Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University


Plans for development, progress and a bright look towards a better future for our students and our future teachers. We read them clearly in the speech of Prof. Dr. Magid Abu El-Enin, with whom we held the following dialogue:

How many departments in the Faculty of Education?

The Faculty is characterized by the presence of specialized departments in three sectors. First: Educational and includes 6 sections (Origins of Education, Comparative Education, Special Education, Curricula and Methods of Teaching, Educational Psychology and Mental Health); Second: Literature comprises 7 sections (Arabic, English, French, German, History, Geography , Philosophy and Sociology); Thirdly: Scientific and has 4 sections (Biological Sciences, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics). Thus, the total number of departments in the faculty becomes 17 sections, all of which are based on teacher preparation process.

How many scientific programs in the faculty?

There are 148 graduate programs in the faculty, divided between diploma, master and doctorate degrees. There are 34 specialized academic programs that give bachelor degrees. He stressed that all the programs of the faculty are working to achieve the vision and mission of the faculty emanating from the vision, mission and objectives of Ain Shams University and the Ministry of Higher Education and thus working to achieve the objectives and strategy of the state.

Did the faculty start to apply credit hours system?

The new regulations for graduate studies will be issued in the credit hours system in 2018. We will only wait for the ministerial decision to approve them, and we expect them to be implemented during the coming year.

What are the steps or efforts you are making to raise the efficiency of teachers and maintaining continuity?

The Faculty, through the Higher Education Council's Science Education Sector Committee, seeks to enable its graduates to obtain an international license to practice teaching, such as licensing the practice of medicine or other professions, which increases the teacher's efficiency and abilities. This license is renewed every few years. The teacher is required to develop his skills permanently to maintain this license.

To what extent are you developing and updating the scientific content provided?

We work to develop the scientific content by 15-20% within the content of programs and courses, which are allowed, and this is done through the professors of materials and plans of the councils of the departments, to keep pace with the labor market.

What about keeping up with the Master's and PhD thesis for the job market and the needs of society?

The master's and doctoral thesis are subject to the strategic plan of scientific research in the faculty and are translated into the university plan and the Ministry of Higher Education and thus to the strategic plan of the state.

He said " to ensure that scientific research is linked to the five-year plan for the scientific research of the departments, it is necessary to present the proposed plans and topics that will be worked on in the master's and doctoral dissertations in seminars and departmental councils to ensure their suitability with the need of the department, the faculty and the state.

Tell us more about the educational and specialized diploma, which are awarded in postgraduate studies and the difference between them?

There are two tracks in postgraduate studies, which are taught by the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, namely the educational track in the educational departments and the specialized track in the scientific and literary sections. The first awards the general diploma in education for non-graduates of the faculty or the vocational diploma in education for graduates of the faculty followed by the special diploma. The specialized track is to prepare the teacher in science or literature for the graduates of the faculty and gives the general diploma followed by the special diploma, the master's doctorate.

He pointed out that those who work in the field of teaching must have at least the general diploma in education by joining the faculty for one year if he is a full-time or two-year non-full-time teaching staff.

The graduates of the Faculty of Education are often compared to those who have received the certificate of preparing the teacher in science or literature, and those who have obtained their degrees from the faculties of science or Arts themselves. What is your opinion about such comparisons?

It is not permissible to compare the graduates of faculties of science and Arts with the graduates of the Faculty of Education without specifying the comparison criteria (why do I compare?). The comparison will be unfair in terms of the specialized content of the graduates of education, as well as in the case of the educational content of graduates of faculties of science and Arts. The Faculty of Education is an educational teacher with a basic knowledge of science in the faculties of science and literature. Whereas Graduates of the faculties of science and literature are not teachers but they are more specialized in these fields, and each is prepared for a different purpose than the other based on the different message of the Faculty of Education compared to the mission of the Faculty of Science or Arts. In conclusion, if you want a teacher, you will prefer a graduate of education. If you want a specialist, you will prefer a graduate of science or Arts according to your specialty.

What about obtaining the faculty of quality?

He explained that there is a common linguistic error is that the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University obtained the quality and correct that it has obtained the academic accreditation of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation in 2017; this represents the culmination of the efforts of the faculty and its administrators through successive administrations. The University also received 4 of 5 stars in the QS-Star Ranking as well as having good levels in other rankings such as Shanghai Classification. Several colleges, including the Faculty of Education through its departments, In the abundance of research production, especially the sections of physics and then chemistry and then biological and mathematics, respectively, indicating that a large proportion of the professor in the faculty have submitted important research, in addition to the translation of abstracts of research written in Arabic.

We knew that you were the director of the quality office before, Is that right?

Yes, I was the director of the college's quality office, and the college then offered academic accreditation in 2014, and we did not get it because of just two criteria, but we got it well. He also stressed that the college deserves accreditation since its inception thanks to its offer to Egypt and the Middle East, but only lacked accurate documentation of events and events. One of the most important steps to documenting was the establishment of an internal quality system in 2006 and participation in projects of the Ministry of Higher Education for development, including the project of the Cycap, which depends on the continuous development and qualification of the accreditation ended in 2012. I was hired in the field of quality in the faculty because I have previous experience in this the field.

Tell us about this experience in some detail…

I participated with the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman in the quality assurance activities started in 1999/2000, which is the establishment of biological programs at the level of colleges of education for teachers and teachers in the Sultanate during this period. I also applied these ideas when I returned to my college. The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, in addition to the presence of a large number of faculty members at Ain Shams University, who are experienced.

Tell us about the special units in the faculty…

It is fortunate that the Faculty of Education has many units of a special nature, which provides the faculty with income to help it to fill the deficit in some aspects, in addition to its role in completing the mission of the faculty. There are activities that the departments may not be able to accomplish, and here the role of these centers will be the Psychological Counseling Center, an important center at Ain Shams University and in Egypt in general; the Center for the Development of English Language Teaching; Center of Educational Excellence and Community Services Center.

What about faculty communication with the outside community?

The units of a special nature allow communication with the internal community of the college and the university as well as the external community. Among the activities of these centers are cooperation through agreements with the Ministry of Education on the rehabilitation of non-qualified teachers and non-graduates of the Faculty of Education through training courses lasting three months.

An agreement was also signed between the Center for Educational Excellence and UNICEF on the training of primary school teachers in inclusive schools for special needs and many other courses. The Center of Academic Development Education has actively contributed to the training of teachers in the field of teaching technical education in cooperation with the Technical Education Authority. The Center of the Development of Teaching English has contributed through training courses in improving the pronunciation of the faculty and the university.

Could you say the last word to students?

I wish every student in a faculty or higher education to think that he is a valuable energy, and that he should consider himself through his community. The student must be loyal to the larger entity, Egypt, since his faith in his abilities will enable him to succeed and thus will succeed with his community. "You are the energy and hope… God bless you and bear flag of Egypt and keep it high."