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University Cities at Ain Shams University ... Conditions of admission and preparations


University cities at Ain Shams University have raised the state of emergency almost 12 days before the start of the new academic year, which begins on September 22 in universities, in preparation for the admission of those admitted to the cities. The university cities are preparing next week to announce the names of those admitted to the first stage, Some 5,500 students were accepted, including 2,000 students in boys' cities and nearly 3,500 students in female student cities.

Conditions of residence in university cities

Ain Shams University has defined the conditions of residence in the university cities for the academic year 2018/2019 in that the student should be a non-resident of Greater Cairo. The centers of Toukh, Kafr Shukr, Banha, Shebin El Qanater, Qalioubia, Saff, Atfih, Hawamdeya, - Manshaet El Qanater – Al wahat "in Giza governorate, outside the Greater Cairo area, and that the student has a secondary school outside of Greater Cairo.

The conditions of residence in the university cities of Ain Shams University should not be restricted to the bachelor's departments with a certificate of success and appreciation and the percentage of the student's total score. The student should not be penalized by one of the disciplinary penalties stipulated in the executive regulations of the law governing universities. The City Administration submits application for Residency electronically after announcement of the result of admission documents, declarations and paper signatures.

An unmarried female student is a condition for admission to cities

Among the conditions is that the female student is unmarried and never married and shall provide an administrative certificate indicates its status, and a copy of the student ID card should be presented to the applicant and the guarantor, provided that the date of issuance of the cards is from a previous year. The guarantor may be replaced by paying LE 350 instead of the guarantor. In the absence of damage, and pass the medical examination and conduct the required analysis, including drug analysis, and be the priority of admission to students with special needs.

For his part, Mr. Mohammed Al-Deeb, Secretary General of Ain Shams University, Assistant for Education and Students Affairs, revealed that the results of the admissions will be announced electronically to the students on Tuesday, September 18th, after which the students will submit their credentials and conduct the necessary examinations and examinations.

The university secretary at Ain Shams University said that university cities are ready for the new school year by 95%. He pointed out that for the first time, an economic building in the boys city was allocated at half the actual cost and not subject to the conditions of residence in the cities.

The Secretary-General Assistant for Education and Student Affairs, said that many of the renovated buildings will be included in the housing plan for the new academic year. He pointed out that the Council of University Cities in its meeting decided to raise the residence fees for 250 pounds instead of 165 pounds, For 360 pounds in view of the top decision of last year's universities to ease the students.

Drug analysis is an admission requirement

The drug analysis will be conducted for the admissions students on 23 September as a condition of admission, as well as for boys on 30 September, confirming that passing the drug analysis is a condition for admission to university cities. A positive result deprives the student of housing in the city to recover; pointing out that the university will provide medical support for students wishing to treatment.

The separation awaits the rioters

"There is no room for demonstrations and riots, and we will take firm measures against those who violate the rules of residence in university cities, demonstrate and provoke riots in the cities is a red line, and we will not wait for it," he said.

In the same context, Ahmed Al-Entebli, Director of University Cities at Ain Shams University, confirmed the readiness of the university cities to receive the new academic year.

Following the announcement of the results of the students admitted to the cities, students submit the files of acceptance and paper, which include filling out a form to coordinate the progress of the university cities, and the signing of students to a declaration of non-marriage and the approval of the guardian and the certificate of payment of payment of financial dues to the University.