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Egyptian Knowledge Bank Workshop


Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Sengab, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Studies and Research, said at the opening of a workshop on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank that the interest in obtaining knowledge streams is increasing day after day, indicating the keenness of professors to pursue research in order to reach the highest levels of science.

He added that through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, it will facilitate access to the information available in all parts of the world, stressing that the progress of any nation depends on science, knowledge and culture, but the possibilities is the last thing to think, because knowledge and culture can provide the simplest means to access the best services.

He called for starting from the research points that are useful, new and valuable, which can be used after decades, and even be modern and important, adding that he wishes to see the researcher's future vision to enter the market.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Sengab said that the workshops will be increased to facilitate the interaction of researchers and thus access to the information required with minimal effort and costs.

For her part, vice-dean of the Faculty of Commerce for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Hayam Wahba, explained that the Knowledge Bank provides great potentials and is linked to all fields, enabling the work of downloading this information free of charge.


Shams Scholar System provides more than 180,000 thesis


In a related context, Dr. Mohammed Al-Alimi, Executive Director of Information Technology pointed out that the steps have been taken in the implementation of the provision of scientific resources owned by the University to facilitate the use of them through Shams Scholar System, explaining that the university has more than 180 thousand scientific thesis. While the Egyptian universities combined about 300 thousand scientific thesis, which means that the University of Ain Shams contains more than half of the scientific thesis in the Arab Republic of Egypt, has been working to provide them to researchers through Shams Scholar System.

An initiative by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

For his part, Mr. Mahmoud Dawood, Coordinator of Training and Marketing at Knowledge Bank on the remarkable attendance of faculty members and the assisting body for the workshop held at Ain Shams University.

He pointed out that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank is an initiative of President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and launched in 2016 to provide advanced scientific services to all segments of society by entering the website of the Knowledge Bank

Four portals for all categories of society

Dawood explained that the child 4 years ago and even the faculty member and scientists in Egypt in all disciplines benefit from the knowledge bank by determining the scientific portal that can be browsed by the user.

He explained that the Knowledge Bank has four portals (students, teachers, youth portal, researchers portal, general reader portal), indicating that the scientific services provided on each portal vary according to the needs of the user. He pointed out that through the researchers' portal, the user can access all other portals.

He stressed that the Bank of Knowledge is keen to provide the best information services to researchers contracted with several publishing houses and scientific companies in various fields in the world to provide information that may be needed by researchers throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The children's portal contains stories in both Arabic and English, read, audio and video.

7000 periodicals, 350,000 books and 3500 textbooks

The researchers' portal contains more than 7,000 full-text periodicals, 350,000 books in all disciplines and 3500 textbooks, confirming that the Knowledge Bank was keen to ensure the accuracy of the information contained therein.

Dawood pointed out that the Knowledge Bank browser can enter from anywhere in Egypt without charges. For researchers, they can log in with the official e-mail they received from the university from anywhere in Egypt. If the e-mail is unofficial, they must log on for the first time from any device inside the University to which the researcher belongs and then can enter from anywhere later.

Dawood stated that it was recently contracted with the Encyclopedia of Butterfly in 2018. The Egyptian Knowledge Bank signed an agreement for the work of the Arab index for Arabic citations in English and French, so that, visitors from all over the world can access the Egyptian research, pointing out that the work in this project started this year and will end in 2020.

He pointed out that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank provides an advantage for researchers and browsers is the possibility to download all books. It provides a library of audio books can also be downloaded, cognitive applications that children can use, documentary sources through National Geographic, Discovery, medical information, the largest database on maps, with more than half a million maps supported, the largest database on agricultural science, a database of rights professionals, the database of mathematics, the world's largest atlas.

Cooperate with the world's largest publishers

He pointed out that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank cooperates with the largest publishers in the world since 1840 to date, and they cooperate with the second largest publisher, which provides 18% of the output of scientific research in the world and presents its data in English, and provides more than 18 thousand books.

Dawood said that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank provides important books required around the world. It also cooperates with the largest publishers in the field of engineering and computer sciences. It offers more than 10 videos, in addition to cooperating with the world's largest database of scientific thesis. In addition to cooperation with the fourth source of scientific sources of social sciences, and through the Knowledge Bank, the database is the highest periodicals used in the world in both Arabic and English.

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank provides tools, as it provides the possibility of managing the reference electronically, and makes it easy to ensure that the quotation does not exceed 25%. The Knowledge Bank also provided a system for local scientific publishing, which contributed to the upgrading of the international classification of universities. Unlike local scientific publishing, there are other services such as the scientific editing service and other scientific journals services on how to index them according to the international abstract systems.

Benefit from visiting scientists

Dawood explained that the use of personal email or e-mail is intended to identify the faculty member or researcher to facilitate communication with him, which is sometimes defined by the presence of scientists, specialized in certain fields of science in Egypt and workshops are organized with them, so communication with researchers is being made to benefit from it more.

He pointed out that the researcher could change the section to which he belongs in the data entered or change the character through an icon next to the name at the top.

When you enter the staff portal, you can choose the search mechanism that the researcher needs through either a unified search, unified browsing, searching for a specific book, periodical, or database. When entering any database, a general summary of the book, journal or scientific thesis is attached to the name of the researcher or author and can be entered by clicking on the name of the book or thesis.

Induction workshops

He pointed out that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank organizes several public workshops with all researchers on how to register, how to use and the most available sources in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank in all universities.

The coordinator of marketing and training in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank said that Ain Shams University is a key partner with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and is doing many activities and services with the bank, which provides information treasure for students and researchers at the university. It provides dozens of magazines and hundreds of thousands of specialized books, and for textbooks it provides more than 3,500 books in various fields.

Dawood reiterated his appreciation of the attendance at Ain Shams University in the workshop, considering that this number is the largest since the Egyptian Knowledge Bank started to provide its services. He praised the cooperation of the marketing team at the university, which provides its services through the announcement of workshops.

Knowledge Bank is a pioneer project

Mahenour Ali Odah, representative of Publisher Emeril, said that this database provides information in several scientific fields. The Emeril database provides a training system on how to use resources, training courses for international standards for publication and reasons for rejection of research papers submitted for international publication.

Anas Obaid, Middle East and Africa's Middle East and Africa Training and Consultancy Officer, said that they are one of the publishing houses contracting with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank to provide universities and Egypt with the largest master's and doctoral degree in the world. It provide more than 4 million text messages as summaries, including more than 2.1 million full-text messages, all available to researchers through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.

Ahmed Karem, the representative of the OBSCO database, explained that this rule includes several disciplines, one of which is specialized in many disciplines together, databases on the environment and others in the Arabic language and some indexes in the field of libraries and information. He pointed out that after the cooperation with the Knowledge Bank, the rate of entry and demand to browse the services of the rule has increased clearly, and this indicates that the project is very pioneering.

For Ibrahim Ahmed Hassan, representative of the system house said that this is the first visit to Ain Shams University, where they notice the attendance of this large amount.

He pointed out that the system house is a database in Arabic language and has been a key partner in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank since it was established in 2016. It is specialized in the fields of education, sociology, psychology, Arabic and Arabic literature, Islamic and legal sciences, history, geography, literature, English and French in all disciplines. Pointing out that the system house is the first in terms of use in the fields of humanities.

For his part, Ahmed Said, representative of the database, said that this is the first session organized by the Knowledge Bank in 2018 and attendance is distinctive during this year, and noted that the database was established since 1965, one of the top 5 publishers in the world, Humanities, Social Sciences, Medical Sciences and Engineering.

Amr Gamal, representative of the Obeikan Library said that the workshop is good because there are a large number of attendees, noting that the Knowledge Bank provided researchers with services they cannot imagine and not easy to get without any effort and time.

Opinion and praise of the audience

Dr. Rasha Abdul Salam, a faculty member at the Faculty of Specific Education, said that the subject of the Knowledge Bank is important for researchers and faculty members of the university. The value of the workshop is clear in the presence of different specialties, stressing that the presentation was distinct, clear and specific. .

Dr. Radwa Essam El Din, an instructor at the Faculty of Tourism Guidance, found that the idea of the workshop is good and the table advertised was good, but the number was very large and the databases belong to all faculties. Therefore, they preferred that the workshops be divided according to the humanitarian and scientific disciplines or faculty members in days and researchers in other days.