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The conference hall of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University, hosted the activities of the induction day of distinctive programs for students of the Egyptian high school, Arab and foreign certificates under the slogan of the new distinctive programs "Education for Future".

This came in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abdul wahab Ezzat, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Fathi El Sharkawy, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Maysa Abu Yusuf, Ocean County University of America, Quincy Dermodi, representatives of USAID, deans and faculty agents, assistant secretaries, students and parents. The activities are under the supervision of Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser, Secretary General of the University.

The university faculties offered a new set of new programs in various fields and specialties (medical programs, engineering programs, information technology, commercial programs, language programs and translation programs), which meet the international standards and requirements of local, regional and international labor market.


These new disciplines in the distinctive programs offer students a unique learning experience that combines academic content, training and application, as well as obtaining two or more degrees, one from Ain Shams University and the other from foreign international universities in a number of specializations. These programs are presented in halls equipped with the latest technological means, and these programs provide the opportunity to integrate more than one specialization in the field received by the student, as well as to rely on the practical aspects more than the theoretical side.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of the University of Ain Shams, stressed the importance of qualifying students for the labor market through new programs, noting that the programs at the university are comprehensive and help to develop the educational process.

Ezzat said in his speech on Monday that the university's competitiveness enabled it to get 4 stars in the international QS classification and its entry into the Shanghai classification, noting that there are new programs in all faculties. Indicating that there are programs obtained in ratings international ratings on 5-star from 5.

The University President noted that the University has taken steps in international classifications, continues to develop its educational processes and advance international classifications.

The vice president for education and students affairs Prof. Dr. Fathi Al-Sharqawi, called for the follow-up of the forum and programs provided by the faculties of Ain Shams University, hoping that such a scientific method will be transferred to the rest of the Arab countries. He stressed that Ain Shams University contains a large number of important programs and specialized and proportionate to the labor market, which means that the University of Ain Shams with its capabilities and services no less than any private or international university.

For his part, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab, said that the university programs are distinctive in every exhibition, and there is a great turnout on the programs of the university, pointing out that the university is marketing for its scientific and educational services in the Gulf States and Africa during the coming stage.

Vice President for Environment and Community Development Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdul Hamid said that they are marketing the new programs, noting that the university provides a distinctive educational service linked to the labor market, pledging to reach the ideal and seek to reach international numbering in the coming period.


Faculties' programs

The Executive Director of IT projects at Ain Shams University, Dr. Gamal Abdul Shafi, talked about the programs offered by the university faculties.

In addition to a bachelor's degree from French and Euro-Mediterranean universities, he explained that 13 hospitals in Ain Shams University have 4000 beds for all patients, so that the students can practice them under the supervision of professors. Specialists.

Faculty of Engineering offers 11 programs, two of which will begin work during the academic year 2018/2019. In this faculty, cooperation with foreign universities in several countries will be carried out, so that the student can obtain training courses in these foreign universities (Sweden, England, Germany, Italy, and other countries).

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences has presented two programs that meet the students of the General Secondary Scientific Sciences Division. Thus, it is the only faculty in Egypt that receives this category of students other than the medical and scientific faculties. Through these programs, students receive courses that combine the subjects of the Faculty of Science with technology, and this is similar to the programs offered at universities in Spain and other European countries.

Dr. Gamal Abdul Shafi also referred to graduate programs that offer programs in Spanish and German in cooperation with universities in Spain and Germany.

He explained that any student could enroll in these programs if he has a placement at a public university, which means that he can transfer from the faculty attributed to him from the coordination office at any university to the corresponding faculty at Ain Shams University.

He pointed out that there are many advantages that Ain Shams University possesses, which will be provided to students, such as specialized libraries in the faculties, in addition to the central library of the university, the Internet available to all students, cultural programs, sports and artistic competitions in various fields, Scientific and cultural activities, etc., as well as work on preparing the student for the labor market, and qualify him to work within a team, and this is not found in universities in Egypt, in addition to using the method of education to reach innovation and this is different from all faculties.

Dr. Gamal Abdel Shafi reviewed some scientific competitions in which students from Ain Shams University participated and gained advanced positions in the world.

Dr Rasha Ismail, Coordinator of the Biotechnology Information Technology Program at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, said that Bioinformatics program, which accepts general secondary students in scientific and mathematical sciences, aims at preparing specialized cadres in bio-information technology by possessing scientific and practical skills in technical software Modern information and adapted to solve vital problems, while deepening the awareness of scientific and applied research in the field of vital information technology. She added that the specialized work related to the areas of biotechnology require graduates specialized in software and information technology. They also have scientific and practical knowledge in biological fields.

Dr. Rasha Ismail said that one of the most important applications is what can be used in the fields of forensic science, pharmaceutical manufacturing, genetic engineering and software engineering program that accepts students of mathematical science, through which the graduate has the ability to produce and test the software and calculate its cost in accordance with the required quality standards and awareness Scientific and practical research in the field of software engineering and quality.

The faculty offers summer training programs in cooperation with major software companies such as IBM, Microsoft and collaborates with specialized bodies such as 57357 and research centers to train students in specialized biological laboratories. Collaboration is also carried out at the level of graduation projects to produce software that serves the community; an annual employment forum is also established to provide employment opportunities for students after graduation.

For her part, Bassent Emad spoke about "Ken program" at the Faculty of Commerce. She explained that the graduate of the program receives three degrees, one from Ain Shams and one from Ken University from New Jersey, and a third from Ocean University in New Jersey. Line to obtain the two American and liberal qualifications for Ain Shams certification.

Salsabeel Alaa (Faculty of Al-Alsun) spoke of a specialized language program in Chinese, in which students receive additional subjects that are not taught by students who are not enrolled in the programs. Master students teach some of these subjects, so program students are distinguished. The number of students enrolled in the programs is few, and therefore the professors are more interested in them, in addition to the translation laboratories provided to each student, and through this program is specialized in the third year (political, economic or religious translation). The program also provides students with all the skills in translation (immediate, sequential, editorial, communication, journalism, audio and video translation).

For her part, Prof. Dr. Sherin Sadek (Head of Tourism Guidance Department, Faculty of Arts) spoke about the presence of two divisions in the programs offered by the faculty (English and French). The difference between them in the first language study is either English or French. She added that 80% of the student's study is practical, where the student visits field daily in museums and archaeological sites in Greater Cairo, and also organizes large trips to Alexandria and the northern coast, as well as a trip to Luxor, Aswan and Nubia,

The study includes archaeological and religious tourism. The program also offers a study in another language alongside the first language, including the Italian-Spanish-German, and shows that there is a plan to open a program that includes rare languages such as Korean, Russian, Indian and Japanese.

Prof. Dr. Rania Mohammed Fawzy (Academic Coordinator of Programs at the Faculty of Arts) has a media department that offers 3 specializations (Radio, Television, Journalism and Public Relations). The Faculty has a radio and visual studio attached to an integrated montage unit that students can benefit from. The Faculty of Arts has the only department that teaches Hindi in the letters of debt. She is also in the process of opening an independent Hindi language program linked to the Arabic translation to keep pace of the labor market, as well as English, French, Hebrew and Arabic. In addition to the Department of Geography in which the development of the Division (Geo) to keep pace with modern technology.

Christina Timisos, Deputy Director of the French Division of Law Faculty of Ain Shams University, said that the student enrolled in the programs receives a certificate from Ain Shams University and a certificate of legal studies from a French university. Starting next year, the student will receive a French university certificate.

As for Dr. Hanan Ismail, Coordinator of the IT Systems Program, Faculty of Girls, explained that this program is offered by two departments (Arabic and English), depends on modern technological systems and how to employ them in education and how to accommodate the large numbers in schools and grant them benefit.

Dr. Dina Lashin, Deputy Director of the Pharmaceutical Design Program at the Faculty of Pharmacy, said: "The Faculty's program is distinguished by the fact that it selects a small number of students. This gives them the opportunity to communicate extensively with the program's officials and the professor in general. The Faculty of Pharmacy is the only one to introduce the Department of Clinical Pharmacy in Cairo, adding that all graduates from the College receive a course of medicine design, and this is one of the departments of pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy, biology, medicine and toxicology. Important features Found in faculty programs.

Dr. Mohammed Mokhtar, the official of the program of the credit hours at the Faculty of Dentistry, said "through the faculty programs there are many new subjects that depend on clinical training. He pointed out that the number of students gives them better training opportunities, pointing out that students in the programs get 11 additional courses for students not enrolled in programs.

With regard to the Faculty of Agriculture, Omar Ala Eldin Mohammed explained that the Faculty offers 3 programs for each program that combines more than one specialization at a time so it can benefit from these experiences in the labor market. These programs are (organic agriculture, quality management, biotechnology) is a combination of subjects (chemistry, genetics and microbiology), and this applies to other programs.

Parents and students praised the organization and programs provided by the faculties of the university. For her part, Shahira Saeed said, "The presentation was very good, the organization was wonderful, the presentation was clear and all the required information was clarified." She said that she had received answers to all the questions she wanted. She also praised the number of partnerships held by the university with international universities. She pointed out that Ain Shams University competes with private universities that demand hundreds of thousands of amounts in order to obtain a similar degree from an overseas university.

Amal Samir explained that delegates in each faculty provided useful information to students.

Mohamed Mahmoud, a teacher, praised the programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering and confirmed that they are comparable to those in private universities that require thousands of pounds for student enrollment.