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Prof. Ahmed Sami Khalifa


One of the pioneers in pediatric tumor medicine and treatment in Egypt, the author of research and discoveries in the field of blood diseases that contributed to the healing of thousands of children, he is the able teacher and teacher .. He was and will remain the ideal for every human being who has devoted his life to science and service to humanity, he is the human doctor ... the humble world. The discoverer who works in silence is Prof. Ahmed Sami Mahmoud Khalifa, Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University.
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sami Khalifa was born on November 14 in the year 19 and began his long scientific and professional history by obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in the year 1952 from Cairo University, then a diploma in pediatrics in the year 1952 from the same university, and a diploma in internal diseases in the year 1960, then he obtained a doctorate in Pediatrics in 1961, he also obtained a diploma in technical sciences - physiology and biochemistry in the year 1964, and he obtained the American Board of Pediatrics in the year 1974, then he joined the academic corps of the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University as an assistant professor of pediatrics, then he took over the chair of the department from 1991 until 1974.

Therapeutic contributions
Dr. Sami Khalifa is one of the pioneers in treating blood diseases and oncology in Egypt, the Arab world and the United States of America, where he established a clinic of hematology and oncology at the Department of Pediatrics - College of Medicine - Ain Shams University in December 1974 as a diagnostic unit for disease detection and treatment to serve the Egyptian community and friendly countries Tutorial for doctors.
His bid was not limited to the university to which he belonged, as he participated in establishing pediatric departments at Zagazig and Menoufia Universities, and held the position of visiting professor at Wayne State University in Michigan - USA, and he also held the position of external examiner at the College of Medicine in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan, He also participated in training courses in
The Children's Department for developing countries was organized by Child Relief International and the World Health Organization (in England, Africa and India) in the year 1950 in pediatrics and medical education, and also participated in training on treating and diagnosing blood and oncological diseases in the Pediatric Diseases Research Centers and the University Children's Hospital of Wayne University in Michigan in United States of America in 1972.

His academic and scientific role
In terms of theoretical and academic studies, Prof. Dr. Sami Khalifa was distinguished for his prolific production, as he published about 212 papers in international and local periodicals, and authored two chapters in two international books: “Anemia in mothers and children in developing countries” and “Alternate blood transfusion: biochemical changes and metabolic aspects. He also published a book entitled: "Protocols for Treating Oncology in Children".
To benefit from his distinguished scientific production, he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian Children's Journal, and he was a member of the editorial board of a number of scientific journals, including the Egyptian Hematology Journal, the Egyptian Society of Pediatrics Journal, Ain Shams Medical Journal, and the Egyptian Medical Journal.

Awards and Medals
Due to his great contributions and unlimited dedication, Prof. Sami won many prizes for his active role in pediatric service and community service, including the republic medal in science, the State Encouragement Award in 18, and the State Appreciation Award in Medical Sciences in 1944.
The Ministry of Higher Education has also identified an annual award bearing the name of the late Ahmed Sami Khalifa in the field of hematology and oncology "awarded to the winners of awards for bodies and individuals in science.
The great people always leave us in silence, and we only know their value when we feel the size of the void they left behind, so the departure of Prof. Sami Khalifa, died last month, left a quiet departure that left behind great achievements in the field of pediatric tumors that will remain a bright spot in this field that touches the life and future of our nation.