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The Faculty of Law participates in establishing the International Journal of Jurisprudence, Judiciary and Legislation
The Faculty of Law participates in establishing the International Journal of Jurisprudence, Judiciary and Legislation

The Egyptian Judges Club signed a cooperation protocol between each of the law faculties at Ain Shams universities, Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and British universities, the Legal Studies Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities and the Egyptian House Ifta, as well as the Faculty of Sharia at Al-Azhar University in Cairo and the Faculty of International Transport and Logistics of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, according to which a scientific periodical was established. Legal electronic court.

The journal aims to publish refereed applied legal research in accordance with recognized international rules in scientific publishing and in accordance with the rules approved by the Supreme Council of Universities.

In addition, a newly launched website was launched on search engines in June 2020. The journal link through which it can be accessed is:  and that is through cooperation with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and the Academy of Scientific Research at the Ministry of Higher Education.

The magazine’s board of directors is chaired by Counselor Mohamed Abdel Mohsen, Vice President of the Court of Cassation and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Judges Club of Egypt in his capacity.

An editorial board for the magazine was formed under the chairmanship of Counselor Dr. Fahr Abdel-Azim Emara, and the membership of each of: Prof. Ashraf Jaber, Prof. Dr. Abdel-Moneim Zamzam, Prof. Dr. Walid El-Shenawy, Prof. Dr. Jaber Abdel-Hadi and Prof. Dr. Ismail Salim.

An international editorial board was formed for the magazine: Prof. Dominique Rousseau, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of the Sorbonne in France, and President of the Supreme Constitutional Court in the Principality of Andorra in northern France, Professor Bayern Milcevic and Professor Charles Emmanuel Quetet, professors of the Faculty of Law, University of Laval in Canada. In addition, a scientific council of the best legal jurists was established for the journal to take over the work of judging research before publication.

The magazine’s secretariat was formed from each of: Counselor Ahmed Abdel Azim Al-Jamal, and Counselor Khaled Sanad Layla, and the journal’s editor’s family offers an invitation to all law researchers, whatever their work or home, kindly visit the journal’s website and register on it to benefit from the valuable research that will be published on it. Free to serve the science of law, researchers, and scholars.

Communication and inquiries via the official website of the magazine, which is: