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Academic Email System

22482 2024-05-16

What is the official email?

It is an official email account in the name of the college. It is also an educational email account that contains the “EDU” extension, which is important when applying to many research sites.

You can send messages through it, and you can correspond with all parties inside or outside Egypt.

Features of the Official Email

An official email account in the name of the educational institution.

An important educational email when registering on research sites, especially in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank

The official email offers five free copies of Microsoft's popular Office suite that you can download on five different devices.

The official e-mail contains several other important programs that help in student life.

How to get the Official Email

You can receive the academic email and access the e-learning platform by following these steps:

1- Log in to the academic email system according to your faculty.

2- Write your national ID number.

3- Choose the stage/year you are enrolled in.

4- Your academic email and password will be displayed.

How to activate the Official Email

Access the website (portal.office.com) from any browser.

The login screen will appear asking for your email and then your password.

Enter your email and password, considering the case of the letters in the password.

After completing the login, the system requests that you update the password. It requests the current password (the received password), the new password (it must consist of 8 uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers and does not contain any set of letters from the e-mail) and confirm the password.

To use e-mail for sending and receiving, go to Outlook.