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Know your University (Faculty of Archaeology)

16551 2023-09-10

The Faculty of Archeology has beginnings dating back to 1950... The Faculty is distinguished by the establishment of new departments and programs that meet the needs of the labor market.

The Faculty of Archeology at Ain Shams University was established in 2020, but the beginning was after the establishment of the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University in 1950 AD. It included a Department of Archeology, which actually existed until 1956 AD, and it was headed by the late Prof. Ahmed Badawi, who became the third director of Ain Shams University.

Some of those who influenced the archaeological work graduated from that department, and doctoral degrees were awarded to some of them. It was the department that was reopened in the academic year 1998-1999 AD, and it continued to perform its mission to the fullest, as many of its students and researchers obtained bachelor’s, diploma, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Therefore, Ain Shams University's need for a Faculty of Archeology has become urgent and necessary, especially since it is considered the only university located within the Cairo Governorate, which includes many ancient Egyptian, Coptic, and Islamic antiquities at the same time.

Since the university includes the Institute of Postgraduate Studies for Papyrus, Inscriptions and Restoration Arts, and this institute is an important entity, it was established by Presidential Decree No. 2206 of 2015, so the idea was to convert it to the Faculty of Archeology with a full vision of developing the study therein to obtain a bachelor’s degree so that it lives up to what suits the name of Ain University. Shams and its entity, in addition to joining the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of Arts with its three divisions, which are the Division of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities, the Division of Greek and Roman Antiquities, and the Division of Islamic Antiquities, which represent three integrated departments of the Faculty of Archeology.

An integrated project was prepared to establish the Faculty of Archeology, and it was approved by the Supreme Council of Universities, then the approval of the Council of Ministers was obtained and Resolution No. 1969 of 2020 was issued to establish the Faculty of Archeology at Ain Shams University to replace the Institute of Postgraduate Studies for Papyrus, Inscriptions and Restoration Arts.

The Faculty of Archeology is distinguished from its counterparts from other archaeological faculties nationwide by establishing new departments and programs, and developing departments and programs that were already in place in a way that meets the needs of the labor market and improves the level of archaeology graduates.

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