Clubs & Activities

Faculty Staff Club

Establishment of the Club

When the faculty staff thought to establish a club for them to exercise their activity and meet outside the university, they saw it is right to dissolve the existing faculty association and transfer its balance to create a club for the teaching staff.

When the Board of Ain Shams University discussed this idea, approved it and considered himself as a member of the Association of its founding for this club.

The University allocated the sum of 500 pounds from its budget for this purpose. The first basic system of the faculty club was established at Ain Shams University, where it approved the statutes of the University Board on Wednesday 4 April 1956.

Article (6) stipulates that the annual subscription of two hundred and forty piasters may be paid in monthly installments. The contribution is increased by half in the case of family participation (wife and children) and the payment of the enrollment fee of two pounds to be paid by the member upon enrollment.