Project to develop the infrastructure

Project Manager Dr/ Islam Hegazy-faculty of computer and  information science

Objectives of the project:

 Updating and developing the university information network so that all faculties and institutes of the university access the internet through the lines of communication quickly and safety.

 Preparing and training staff to be able to manage the university information network 

 Providing a system to protect the University network.

 Developing the E-mail service

 Top achievements:

     1- The ability to exchange the electronic data between universities and research centers through information network expanded quickly with a delivery speed of Mbps 68.

     2- Raising the efficiency of the infrastructure of the Egyptian Universities Network and Information Centers by providing them with treatment, storage and data protection devices.

     3- Linking faculties networks to university information network to increase networking points.

     4- Network video conferencing and visual broadcast (44 unit video conferencing).

     5- Raising the speed of the available Internet to the universities to become Mbps 1000 instead of Mbps 55.

     6- Raising the efficiency of the IT engineers in universities’ Information network

Stages of the implementation of the project:

 Bid requirements on 05.21.2005

Opening of technical and financial offers for the project on 22/6/2005

  1. Assigning the project to the executing company (Siemens).

     The company implementing began supplying the devices stated in the tender on 19/3/2006

  1. Civil works started in the campus of the Faculty of Commerce will be held on 20/6/2006 in order to connect the faculties of (commerce – Al-Alsun - Pharmacy - Institute for Environment and Children - Hospitals – Guest House) network information.

     For the remote faculties (Agriculture - Education - Girls - Education quality) they are connected to these faculties by information network throughPABX near each faculty, then to the Abbasia and then to the Central                Information Network.

  The company has run all the devices in all faculties and institutes of the university to connect these faculties and institutes to the Internet.

  The company has trained IT engineers on how to manage these devices and the network as a whole.

  The Ditec company has done an internal linking  network  inside the building of the University information network .

  1. 12.  Prof. Dr. / Hossam El Din Fahim is the director of the project has done an extension of the project so as to make network connection to several internal buildings to the main network room in the Faculty of Medicine and Engineering and has also installed a wireless network inside the  Zaffran Palace to connect to the Internet and at the expense of the project.



Outputs of the project:

Installation and operation of the network and transfer data safe to the University information network.

Installation and operation of the necessary device to transfer data in all the faculties in order to connect to the university, and thus to the Internet.

 Training the technical personnel required to manage the network.