Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

What are the community services provided by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector?

The sector provides many community services to the internal community (students, faculty, and administrators), the outside community (individuals, companies, bodies, civil society organizations) through training, counseling, rehabilitation and employment forums, awareness campaigns and comprehensive development convoys.

What are the training services of the sector?

The sector seeks to provide and maximize the value of community services provided to faculty staff, students, graduates, employees and individuals through the company between the university, the private sector, civil society organizations, charities and training centers for students, graduates and employees to develop their skills and provide them with new skills. The labor market in various fields including:

(Languages, computer, administrative programs, accounting programs, legal programs, etc.) Through more than 80 centers / units of a special nature belonging to the community service sector and environmental development.

What about the consultations offered by the sector?

The community service and environment development sector provides consultation (engineering, agricultural, legal) and contributes to solving problems for various bodies, ministries and companies through a number of centers and units of a special nature, for example:

  1. Legal and Economic Studies Center.
  2. Engineering Consulting Center.
  3. Center of Agricultural Studies and Consultations.
  4. Center of Agricultural Research and Services in Arid Regions.

What is the purpose of training and recruitment forums?

These seminars aimed at communicating, interacting and coordinating between the centers and units of the special nature of the university, both private training companies and Ain Shams University students, in order to develop and equip the students and graduates with the skills necessary for the labor market.

A number of private training companies, centers and units of a special nature of the university, faculty members, university students, graduates, attend the training and employment forums organized by the sector. It aims to provide real training opportunities for students and turn them into future employment opportunities upon graduation, as well as exchange of experiences, as well as maximizing the value of community, training and educational services.

What are the target groups of awareness programs? What are the axes of these campaigns?

The sector contributes to the education of students in primary, secondary, secondary and industrial schools by organizing awareness campaigns in schools in the various educational departments in the areas of negative phenomena in the school community, the problems of adolescence and the requirements of this stage, belonging and patriotism, good citizenship, loyalty and belonging. The art of rapid achievement, awareness of the dangers of smoking and addiction.

How many campaigns have been organized this year?

The sector organized 81 school awareness campaigns.

You mentioned that you are organizing the convoys of comprehensive development; will you explain more details about them?

In order to provide services to the neediest governorates through the organization of the comprehensive development convoys, which includes the health and pharmaceutical hub, the agricultural awareness center, literacy and adult education, services for people with special needs. In addition to other social activities in coordination with the Ministry of Health and civil society organizations and social affairs in the governorates.

What services the sector is doing on the campus?

The sector is working on developing the university's own resources by optimizing the untapped areas of the university to establish service outlets for students.

Is there any contribution to the sector in research aspects?

Yes, the sector contributes to the funding of applied research for university researchers, which have an environmental impact, have a significant value, and return in solving environmental problems.

How many applied researches have you funded?

We funded 81 proposed applied research.

What activities have the sector provided during the past period?

Several activities were held, including the reception of new students, many cultural and artistic seminars, artistic and cultural events, exhibitions that provide services to students, as well as charitable and awareness initiatives inside and outside the university.

Within the framework of the activities, the sector also organizes visits to the General Directorate of Military Education for many bodies.

We knew that you are printing some brochures.

Yes, the sector printed the book of the cultural and artistic season of Ain Shams University, the awareness campaign book organized by the community service sector and environmental development, and the honoring book of the "honoring the ideal employee 2017".

What is the plan for the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector?

The sector is expanding its environmental services to various groups through:

Comprehensive development convoys in order to organize convoys periodically in the areas surrounding the university, including the following areas (health, social, awareness campaigns, environmental problems, job opportunities, beautification and afforestation) as well as organizing specialized medical convoys (liver disease, diabetes, early diagnosis of tumors).

Seminars and awareness campaigns, where (political, economic and social) seminars for students and parents were organized.

 In addition to encouraging applied research that conforms to real problems (industrial, agricultural, etc.) in cooperation between businessmen, factory owners, research researchers and final beneficiaries of research.

The sector is also developing an internal training plan aimed at increasing the efficiency of the employees and providing them with the necessary skills that are commensurate with the needs of the work, and external to introduce training programs commensurate with the needs of the labor market and the economic, political and social variables.

There is also a plan to decorate the campus including the development of an electronic panel on the university door to present the most important news of the university. In addition to the preparation of seats with two sides and use in the development of advertisements for training courses held by the centers and units and services provided by the University to students and the public.

Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdul Hamid added that there are other activities in the field of literacy in order to take care of the national issue of literacy. A specialized center has been set up for this purpose, the Center for Adult Education, in addition to contracts and agreements between the university and external bodies to provide services to faculty members, as well as the development of self-resources through the exploitation of untapped spaces by the establishment of outlets for the provision of services to students, the exploitation of the roofs of buildings by the establishment of Uni Paul for advertising, and the exploitation of the walls of the university and colleges and hospitals to create a bright fence.

What are the main obstacles facing the community service sector and environmental development?

The sector faces many obstacles, including the lack of well-qualified human resources to carry out the work of the Department of computer work and financial evaluation of the centers and units, which is one of the most important functions of the performance appraisal department of the General Department of the units of a special nature.

He added that there is a need for computers to ensure the efficiency of the work of management in the absence of good maintenance and lack of continuous updating of the devices used. In addition to the lack of modern means of communication from the fax, which facilitates communication centers and units of a special nature to ensure easy exchange of data and information.

The sector also suffers from the lack of sufficient support workers, and the non-dependence of the unit of the community service and environment development account for the general administration of the special units. Most of the proceeds of this unit are from the resources of the centers and units, which requires continuous follow-up of receipts and due Units of a special nature.