Welcome to Ain Shams University

Center of Public Service and Social Development


Center Objectives:

Employing the university's human and material capabilities to serve the community and develop the environment by providing services to individuals and bodies in the form of training programs, technical and cultural consultations, as well as conducting applied research.

Holding rehabilitation and training courses in the fields of administrative, tourism and diplomatic works.

Preparing programs for teaching Arabic language to foreigners to be submitted to any foreign entity that requests it.

Organizing free courses to meet the needs of society.

Spreading the general culture among university employees, students and citizens.

Facing the scientific and practical needs of the community in all disciplines.

Qualifying cadres at the level of institutions and ministries in various fields of work.

Guidance and social counseling for individuals and groups.

Develop training programs for employees of institutions and ministries according to the nature of work in each entity.

Directing different groups, such as students and employees , to overcome the obstacles they face, support positive trends and values, and strengthen the sense of belonging through the unity of social development.