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Awareness campaigns

The Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Sector at Ain Shams University organized community campaigns in cooperation with some faculties of the university and external entities from 2007 to 2010, including:

Awareness campaign for social workers in Al-Waili Educational Administration 2007.

Awareness campaigns against the harms of smoking and addiction and other campaigns to strengthen the values and moral behavior of young people in sports and social clubs in cooperation with the Drug Control Department of the Ministry of Interior in clubs (Shams, Zohoor, Taiaran and Nasr City) 07/20/2007.

Suzan Mubarak Exploratory Science Center in cooperation with the College of Medicine 9/7/2009.

An awareness campaign to raise the cultural level and learn about "preventive medicine", which was held in the video conference hall.

(3) Awareness campaigns about swine flu in order to identify the nature of the disease, methods of prevention and how to treat youth care at the university, directing education in cooperation with the Students’ Hospital, General Social Administration of Al-Waili Educational District, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine 29/9/2009, 12/10/ 2009, November 15, 2009.

Awareness campaigns 2019-2020

Awareness Campaigns 2018-2019

Awareness campaigns 2017-2018

Awareness campaigns 2016 - 2017

A campaign entitled Adolescence Problems and Stage Requirements

The Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Sector organized the Planning and Development Department of a number of health awareness campaigns with the aim of spreading health awareness, including:

Proper nutrition and disease prevention 10/3/2019.

Personal hygiene and the environment 10/21/2019.

Prevention of infectious diseases 10/29/2019.

Anemia and its impact on academic achievement 7/11/2019.

First aid 11/12/2019.

Professors of the Faculty of Nursing - the Faculty of Specific Education - the Faculty of Girls are among the parties participating in the campaigns.

The lecturers addressed several topics, such as:

The importance of healthy food.

Malnutrition diseases.

The concept of personal hygiene.

The most important methods of body and hair care.

The benefits of water for the body.

The concept of infection, methods of transmission of infection, methods of prevention and treatment.

Symptoms and causes of anemia.

Food and its types fortified with iron.

Define first aid and its importance.

First aid skills when entering something in the ear.

First aid steps.

The results of the statistics for evaluating the stores were:

Benefit extent 97%

Regulation 95%

Awareness campaigns in the fields of culture and society