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Adult Education Center

  • Center objectives:
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Training Courses‎

 Fulfill the needs of illiterate adults by organizing classes to eradicate their illiteracy inside and outside the university

 Providing opportunities for continuous and growing training and training for the various groups working in adult education in order to acquaint them with professional, educational and skill developments.

 Creating cooperative links with local, regional and international adult education institutions in order to carry out joint projects and identify contemporary global trends and benefit from them.

 Issuing a periodical specialized in adult education, which is concerned with publishing studies, research, and national, national and international conferences.

 Preparing a database and information in adult education to be used in this field.

 Providing administrative and technical advice in the field of adult education.

 Holding conferences, seminars and workshops to research and study the most important issues and problems of adult education.