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Medical analysis unit for the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases


Unit objectives:

 Establish a medical center specializing in industrial medicine to serve Egyptian workers by protecting and treating them from occupational diseases.

 Holding scientific seminars and scientific conferences.

 Conducting medical analyzes and accurate examinations to discover and diagnose the occupational diseases that they are exposed to by virtue of their work and protect them from their dangers.

 Training a generation of specialized graduates in this branch of the college, in addition to training delegates from other bodies and universities.

 Contribute to the research required for masters and doctoral theses in the field of industrial medicine.

 Publish the researches resulting from analyzes, examinations and disease diagnosis to prevent and protect society.

 Conducting the necessary statistical analyzes for all types of research.

 Conducting some specialized analyzes for people with special needs.

 Measuring respiratory functions and determining the percentage of disability for factory workers.

Unit achievements:

Training courses

 Courses basics of scientific research

 Basics of Scientific Research Course (2014-2016)

Agreements and protocols

 Cooperation with the health insurance, Cairo branch.


 Conducting analyzes: lead in blood - manganese in blood - cadmium with blood zinc with ceramics - copper with serum - copper hair - cadmium - clinical examination number of beneficiaries 910

 Establishing a medical center specialized in industrial medicine to treat Egyptian workers and protect them from occupational diseases.

Other achievements

 Conducting accurate medical analyzes to discover and diagnose occupational diseases.

 Evaluating the professional cases sent from the Forensic Medicine Authority and determining the percentage of disability.

 Building a generation specialized in this field, attracting fresh graduates and encouraging researchers to conduct research in this field.

 Conducting the necessary statistical analyzes for all types of research for masters and doctoral students.