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Egyptian Joint Surgery Center


Center objectives:

 Awareness of the basic principles for installing artificial joints.

 Organizing training courses devoted to installing industrial joints for researchers and technicians from various universities and other research centers to prepare technical personnel.

 Preparing educational booklets and publications to raise awareness of artificial joint surgery.

 Preparation and implementation of workshops for doctors on the basics of installing artificial joints through training on industrial bone models at the Egyptian Center for Artificial Joint Surgery at the Training and Education Development Center (- first floor - and through surgical training on performing surgeries on human bodies in the morgue of the Faculty of Medicine. Sun in the

 Organizing and implementing scientific seminars to present the latest scientific research in the field of artificial joint surgeries.

 Organizing scientific conferences in the field of artificial joint surgeries in cooperation with local and international bodies.

 Concluding agreements and protocols with specialized bodies (local, regional and global) in the field of joint surgery, which contribute to increasing the effectiveness of scientific research.

 Conducting research on the joints and preparing a database and customized information at the national level.

 Coordination with other scientific research centers at the national and international levels, and the exchange of experiences and joint research.

 Offering consultation services and technical assistance in the field of installing industrial joints.

Center's achievements:

Training courses

 Training course in operating and conducting quality assurance for the bone density device

 Training course in training on the shoulder joint first

 Training course in training on the first thigh joint

 2 training course on the first knee joint

 2 training course on reconstructed knee joint

 Training course in foot surgery

 Pelvic joint surgery

 Training course in cooperation with the International Society for Orthopedic Fractures

 A training course on the lower foot joint (ankle foot)

 Training on modern methods in elbow joint surgeries

Agreements and protocols

 A joint cooperation agreement between the unit and the pediatrics department to support postgraduate research for a renewable year.

Consulting and studies

 Providing consultations to postgraduate students in cases of carrying out scientific studies related to osteoporosis.

 Medical consultations for patients with osteoporosis

Applied research

 Measurement of bone density in patients with hemophilia using the ratio of estoprotogreen and Dexa rays.

 Study of the relationship between physical performance and lower limb muscle mass in elderly patients in the community.

 Study of disability between bone mineral density and insulin-like growth factor in elderly diabetic patients.

 Sclerustine as an indication of the effect of Mediterranean anemia on bone.

Other Achievements:

 Participation of the unit's employees by attending the first conference for the elderly in Egypt.

 Participation of the unit's workers by attending the opening of the Egyptian Society for the Elderly in Egypt.

Training Courses‎

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