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Diseases Vector Research, Studies and Training Center


Center objectives:

 Spread scientific awareness for disease prevention and contribute to the applied aspects and specialized centers inside Egypt and at the global level.

 Conducting research projects in the fields of diseases and their vectors.

 Holding specialized training courses for workers, researchers and technicians in the field of training programs on classification of sand fly insects, breeding methods, methods of collecting them from various disease foci, method of disease transmission, methods of raising the parasite in the laboratory and injecting animals with the parasite.

 Conducting research and training in everything related to studies of disease vectors, their causes and epidemiology.

 Contribute to conducting joint research with local, foreign or international bodies in the field of studies conducted at the center.

 Contribute to supervising the scientific messages that take place at the university and outside it.

 Organizing specialized training courses and arranging for scientific conferences to discuss diseases related to Egypt, Arab and African countries, and various countries of the world.

 Training of different levels of workers in these fields, including faculty members, researchers and technicians

 Issuing periodicals, books and scientific journals in the center's field of activity.

 Contribute to spreading scientific awareness to prevent diseases.

 Supporting the scientific, educational and research links and contributing in the application aspects of these activities with the specialized agencies inside the republic and at the global level and the various centers in the world.

Center's achievements:

Training courses

 Training the third division every year from the students of the Department of Entomology

 Holding training courses for agricultural and chemical engineers, health observers, and workers working in the field of vector control in the various Egyptian governorates.


 Insects in Pharaonic Egypt.

 Types of mosquitoes and malaria.

 Applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing in the field of medical insects.

 Mediladsecure project and arbovirus Studies concern

 A workshop to discuss maintenance of animal breeding nurseries.

 Symposium on Zika virus (Introduction to Zika virus survivors): Symptoms and Laboratory Diagnosis.

Applied research

 A study for the influence of mosquitos’ saliva on immunity of an laboratory animal (pigeon) to control infectious diseases (2014)

Consultations, studies and projects

 All contracts for renting laboratories and incubators in the center and analyzing samples include consulting services for research students, with the help of the doctors present in the center and supervisors of laboratories and incubators, the beneficiary, the students, researchers, and tenants of laboratories and nurseries.

Protocols and conventions

 A cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Health and the General Administration for Vector Control in the field of activity related to disease control.