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Scientific Studies and Consultation Center


Center objectives:

 Conducting scientific and technological research, studies and consultations for bodies and individuals at home and abroad in the fields of solving scientific and technological problems.

 Technical cooperation with external bodies in implementing projects and technology.

 Carrying out projects and signing contracts to solve specific problems of a scientific and technological nature, as well as service projects that have the character of preserving the environment and reducing pollution from its various sources.

 Carrying out projects or participating in projects aimed at studying phenomena of a special nature that have national and regional importance.

 Use the capabilities of the scientific and productive faculty for the benefit of community service.

 Provide scientific and technological consultations required from industry and in the fields of services.

 Organize training courses, conferences and seminars in the field of industry and services and related fields of activities of the center for the development of human cadres.

Center achievements:

Training courses

 The role of women in protecting the environment

 Strategic Planning

 Environmental impact assessment of projects

 Advocacy, community participation and networking

 Crisis and disaster management

 Writing proposals and projects

 Environmental impact assessment

 Integrated management of solid waste

 Reduce pollution

 Administrative and negotiation skills

 Building the capacities of NGOs in various environmental fields

 The waste issue

 Preparing feasibility studies for environmental projects

 Alternative Energy

 Paints and paints course (Chemical Partners Egypt Company)

 A volunteer training course for preparing and implementing solar energy projects in Egypt.

 Water analysis and treatment course

 Course on the introduction of solar energy uses

 A course in the use of solar energy

 GIS course

 ICDL Course

 A course to develop the skills of lawmen

 Air tickets course

 Electronic maintenance course

 Pre-intermediate level 6 English language course

 French language introduction course


 HR Seminar


 Environmental obligation and commitment to meet the challenges.

 Environmental obligation and commitment and linking scientific research with industry.

 Interventional conferences on material source and application work shop on Functional Materials.

 He participated in these conferences:

 The qualitative union of associations working in the field of environmental protection

 Federation of Egyptian Industries.

 Environmental Affairs Agency.

 Helwan University - Faculty of Sciences.

 Egyptian Materials Science Association.

Agreements and protocols

 Cooperation Protocol in the field of solar energy between Wadi El Shams Company and the Center for Studies and Scientific Consultation.

 Cooperation Protocol in the field of training between the center's information network unit and Compusoft.

 Cooperation Protocol in the field of training between the center's information network unit and Landserve Company for surveying and engineering works.

 Cooperation Protocol in the field of training between the center's information network unit and the commitment company for consulting and training.

 Protocol of scientific supervision between the photovoltaic unit and Prof. Ahmed Hegazy (Wadi El Shams Company) for a period of 3 years, renewable.

Applied research

 Solar energy research using porous silicon.


 Solar energy exhibition "Sahara" in partnership with Wadi El Shams Company.

 Solar energy exhibition at Helwan University, in partnership with the Faculty of Science - Helwan University.

 Solar exhibition in partnership with the qualitative union of the environment.

Community (voluntary) services

 Providing clean water for drinking and beneficiaries about a million and a half.

 Rationalize the use of drinking water and irrigation water.

Consultations and studies

 Conducting sample analyzes in the unit.

 Contribute with other laboratories in different colleges in the same specialty.

 Services for researchers and registrants for degrees in different disciplines. The beneficiary is various Egyptian universities and some Arab universities and scientific centers.

 In the field of environmental pollution, some industrial and urban environment pollutants have been identified, and more than twenty samples of the beneficiary body have been made. Several factories and different regions

 In the field of developing poultry wealth, various samples of feeds that are used as food for chickens were examined to find out the appropriate and balanced combination as food for chickens. The beneficiary side is the Medical Professions Company - Pachin Paints Laboratories - The National Research Center - The Medical Professions Company.

 In the field of petroleum research, careful studies have been made for projects contracted to the Petroleum Research Institute to identify the compounds that cause cracking of oil pipelines. The beneficiary is some different cement companies such as the Petroleum Research Institute - Green Egypt Mining Company.

 In the field of iron ore operation, qualitative and quantitative studies have been carried out on iron ores, the beneficiary body Al-Nasr Mining - Sinai International Mining - Local Factories - Iron Engineering Workshop.