Welcome to Ain Shams University

Central lab unit

Unit objectives:

 Achieving ideal laboratory performance at the university.

 Provide the necessary environment to assist faculty staff and train researchers.

 Help the productive activity with scientific methods.

 Carry out various analyzes for all bodies.

 Train of technicians and specialists on modern equipment.

 Maintenance of scientific devices.

 Provide scientific and laboratory advice to serve industrial businesses and land reclamation.

 Scientific contribution in serving national projects.

 Complete the educational process for students by holding training courses on advanced laboratory devices and granting them accredited certificates that qualify them to work in laboratories and research centers.

Unit achievements:


 Quality control and assurance in chemical laboratories.

 An advanced course in chromatography.

 Medical analysis workshop.


 The second forum for marketing the services of centers and units of a special nature, and the participating parties, all Faculty’s' centers and units at Ain Shams University

 Training and Marketing Forum for the Services of Centers and Units of a Special Character and Participating Entities All Faculties at Ain Shams University

 The Egyptian University Girls' Week, held at Minia University, and the participating bodies all Egyptian universities

Agreements and protocols

 A scientific cooperation protocol between the electron microscopy unit at Ain Shams Specialized Hospital and the central laboratory for a renewable one-year period.

 Protocol of scientific cooperation between the Central Laboratory - Faculty of Science and the Department of Geophysics for a renewable year.

 Cooperation Protocol between the Central Laboratory - Faculty of Science and the Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Science for a period of two years, renewable.

 An agreement regarding the examination of chemicals incoming to the Department of Chemistry between the Central Laboratory and the Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Science for a renewable year.


 Doing chemical, biological, microbiological, laboratory analyzes, electron microscopy, theoretical and practical training courses for the various analysis devices.

Publications and bulletins:

 3000 bulletins issued.

Other Achievements

 The central laboratory made chemical and biological analyzes for many bodies such as faculties of Ain Shams University, Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Petroleum Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, National Nutrition Institute, Pepsi Cola Company, Tanta Branch, as well as analyzes for the Oriental Weavers Company.

 Doing industrial wastewater analyzes for many companies and factories.

 Conducting the process of doctoral and master's theses for scientific research students by providing a research place and using the unit's devices.

 Project to develop the Atomic Spectra and Elemental Analysis Laboratory in the Central Laboratory and qualify for international accreditation (ISO 17025/2005). The duration of the project is one and a half years, the contractual value of 1,200,000 pounds (one million two hundred thousand pounds) The percentage of the project is implemented 40% of the entity to which the project is submitted to the Higher Education Development Projects Management Unit - Ministry of Higher Education (laboratory development and accreditation project Institutions of higher education) the number of projects that the center implemented during the year, one project that is still under implementation.

 Increase the area of the central plant with an increase representing 1/3 of the current area by adding the back balcony of the factory with a length of 37 meters and a width of 3.5 meters with the installation of a fallen roof and electricity works to bear any future loads at a cost of 230,000 pounds.

 Two classrooms were established inside the laboratory for the courses and workshops carried out by the central laboratory

 It was approved to work a fire alarm inside the Central Laboratory laboratories for the first time since its establishment in 1993.

 The central laboratory checks the chemicals incoming to the various departments of the faculty and supplied by the companies in the framework of ensuring that these companies do not tamper with the items supplied to the faculty.

 The central laboratory has been supported with a number of modern devices in the framework of improving the services provided by the laboratory to researchers at the university and outside it, such as Ion chromatography, GC / Mass Spectrometry, and UV / visible spectrometer and the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy with Graphite Furnace unit.

 The Central Laboratory introduces its new products of industrial detergents and air fresheners and has participated in them in the university's marketing forum - and the university's support for these products is expected to be circulated within the halls of the university in its various faculties and institutes.

 The Central Laboratory is currently studying the establishment of a new unit for the production of some chemicals, acids and organic solvents for sale to all faculties of the university in order to reduce the chances of manipulation by the companies supplying chemicals within the faculty.

 Honoring the central laboratory from the Faculty of Science and was awarded a certificate of appreciation and a medal of the faculty in exchange for the community services provided by the central laboratory

 Obtaining the faculty’s shield against the efforts of the central laboratory in obtaining the faculty’s accreditation certificate from the Quality Assurance Authority.