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Human Development and Entrepreneurship Unit


Unit objectives:

 Increasing opportunities for faculty graduates and other faculty s of the university.

 Developing training programs in line with the needs of the labor market for students of the Arabic and English sections of the faculty.

 Providing training programs for graduates of Ain Shams University faculties such as pharmacy, engineering and commerce in the fields of accounting, management and economics to support their chances in the labor market

 Supporting relationships with companies, institutions and bodies, as the unit has become a reliable source for employment through a database of graduate students who have passed training courses and become eligible for jobs according to job description.

 Developing self-employment project programs by introducing the applied aspects into these programs, which include field visits, information gathering, contacting the support agencies for small projects, and creating a core of expertise to help students prepare economic feasibility studies within the framework of the self-employment project in preparation for their support in obtaining opportunities and following up the project Technically, economically and administratively.

 Follow-up on the unit's website and the movement of students' frequencies to it, to record their CVs.

 Coordination with the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration through the National Employment Agency and the Supreme Council for Human Resources to support students' opportunities in the labor market.

 Providing training programs for the incapable of faculty students through donations and surplus achieved in the unit.

Unit achievements:


Training Courses‎

(Berlitz English Course
Integrated training program in human resources development 

Principles of Banking Operation Program2

( Oil &Gas Accounting Course

Financial Accounting Course

Fundamentals of Hospital Accounting Course

Fundamentals of Accounting in Hotels Course

The Role of the Stock Exchange in Stimulating Investment in Emerging)

Soft Skills Course)

Entrepreneurship Course 1

Banking Operations

Certified Management Program

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