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Legal and Economic Studies Center


Center objectives:

* Conducting legal and economic research and studies for universities and various intuitions
.* Conducting studies on laws draft, legal and economic issues.
* Provide legal opinion and advice, as well as collecting information and statistics related to the social and economic aspects that are needed for legal research.

Center Achievements:


Training courses

Training courses

* A course on legal provisions for political analysis.
* Petroleum contracts, FIDIC and B.O.T course in English.
* A course of preparing experts in banking disputes.
* An in-depth course in the diplomatic corps.
* 2 special introductory course in arbitration.
* A course to develop the skills of members of the legal departments.
* 2 course in modern trends in tax legislation.
* 2 course in developing the skills of workers in legal departments.
* Contract drafting course in English.
* A course to support and develop the skills of employees in legal departments (legal advisor)
* A course of support, development and development of higher departments of legal departments (legal advisor).
* A course in advanced strategies for managing procurement systems, managing tenders, and preparing a bid book.
* An in-depth course in the diplomatic corps.* 2 course in preparing intellectual property experts.
* Course of intellectual property disputes and banking contracts.a
* 2 course in the law of the provisions of tax accounting for salaries.


* Intellectual property and patent.Conferences
* Settlement of investment disputes in partnership with companies, the Investment Authority and banks
.* Developing the skills of legal departments, in partnership with companies, the investment authority and banks
.* International challenges in promoting the financial and trade system in partnership with companies, the
Investment Authority, banks and government agencies.