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University Services Marketing Center


Center Objectives:

- Coordination between the existing centers and specialized units in the faculties of the university with regard to joint activities that can be organized such as exhibitions and seminars to introduce their outputs.

- Cooperating with the management of each center or unit regarding the nature of the services and products it produces to prepare a plan for marketing them to the community according to the nature of each product.

- Making specific plans to promote these products among interested clients in cooperation with chambers of commerce, the Federation of Industries and trade union groups.

- Implementation of training courses for employees in specialized centers at the university and for those who wish to cooperate with them outside the university in the field of marketing products and services.

- Preparing and implementing plans for marketing research to identify the categories of new customers and their opinions regarding the services of the centers and to provide technical and administrative opinion to the management of the centers to modify some activities in accordance with the needs and coordination with these centers based on the results of marketing research.

Training courses :

Preparing managers and human resources specialists.

The integrated program to prepare qualified graduates for the labor market.

Program to develop marketing and sales skills.

Training the Trainers T.O.T

Professional Financial Accountant Program (32) groups

Kindergarten teacher training and qualification program


Business skills




Preparation of an occupational therapist

Diagnosis of language problems and disorders and rehabilitation of the speech pathologist

Secretarial management

Professional Diploma, Leadership Skills in Modern Management

Professional diploma, recent trends in marketing

seminars :

The Center organized a seminar entitled "Features of the Strategic Plan of the University Services Marketing Center, it held on 3/13/2012. The speaker in the seminar is Dr. Ali Abdel Barr