Welcome to Ain Shams University

Vision Mission



Ain Shams University seeks excellence in the field of higher education and research on the local, regional and international levels while creating an atmosphere of independence, freedom, democracy and equality that would help serve the community and attain sustainable development.

Mission and Goals

The Community and Environment Development Affair Sector enables the University to resolve community problems and contribute to development issues as well as:

  • Providing technical consultations for entities, bodies and individuals.
  • Designing and supervising the implementation of projects and programs for different community sectors.
  • Conducting applied field researches.
  • Contributing to developing individual skills and capabilities.
  • Contributing to raising awareness and spreading culture among community members.
  • Preserving environmental well-being through reviewing the environmental impact assessment, to the aim of offering scientific and technical consultations for new projects.
  • Studying and proposing the general policy, the plans and programs needed by the University to achieve its role in community service and environment development.
  • Studying productive activity problems, as well as the role of applied research in solving such problems.
  • Studying and proposing the general policy for Special Units.
  • Studying and proposing the general policy for setting and implementing training programs.
  • Studying and proposing the general policy for organizing conferences and scientific seminars.