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Information Bank Department


Department achievements:

- Printing the campaign book, the centers and units’ book, and the cultural season book for the Vice President's Office

- Print the database of the employees of the data bank administration and deliver it to the General Administration of Organization.

- In implementation of the environmental sector workers database, job gradients were printed for all workers in color.

- A database was created for workers in the community and environmental affairs sector.

- Uploading data and sector achievements on the university's website and updating them constantly.

- Databases are being created and designed for researchers, including the researcher's name, research history, research topic, research result, and the environmental impact of the research.

- Book recording (campaigns - caravans - cultural season - applied research - centers and units) has been completed, and books have been collected on CD.

- Collecting the achievements of the departments of the community and environment affairs sector and storing them on the department's computers and updating them monthly.

- The cultural and artistic season seminars are being compiled in preparation for preparing a compiled book for seminars and awareness campaigns.