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Advisors Department


The purpose:-

Preparing councils of community and environmental development Affairs.

Field of application: -

- Vice Dean of faculties and Institutes for Community and Environment Affairs

- The external community

The procedures: -

Preparing councils for community and environmental affairs.

Preparing and approving invitations from Vice President of Community and Environmental Affairs to attend the Council on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F001" form.

Preparing correspondence (General Administration of Public Relations - Administrative Affairs - Guest House - Benefits - Office of the University Assistant Secretary) to book and prepare the hall on the date set for the meeting as well as prepare the sessions allowance on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F002" form and the delivery is made on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F008" form.

Receiving the topics to be approved by the council and summarize the environmental affairs reports presented by the faculties, institutes and departments and copy them including the number of the council’s members to make the session files for processing to be distributed to the attendees, members of the council, on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F002" form .

Preparing a signature sheet to attend the session with the names of all council members on ''ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F003 '' form.

Preparing an agenda for all topics to be presented and approved by the council on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F004" form.

The council convenes on the date set, and the session is recorded on cassette tapes and its contents are emptied by writing the minutes on a computer and reviewing it in preparation for accreditation on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F006" form.

After adopting the minutes, the minutes are copied to the attendees in preparation for ratification in the next session.

After the meeting ends, and based on the signature list, a session allowance list is prepared for the attendees after being approved by Vice President for Community and Environmental Affairs and sent for benefits.

Preparing a letter addressed to the entities that presented their topics in the session according to the decision that has been taken, and it is approved by the Assistant Secretary of the University for Community and Environmental Affairs. The department staff distributes to the competent authority with a copy of the meeting minutes on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F008" form.

Preparing a membership renewal memorandum for the members from abroad whose term of membership has expired, which is two years renewable, as well as temporary advance notes and notes for other purposes on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F005" form.

Maintaining topics related to the administration on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F009" form.

Preparing a customer satisfaction questionnaire form on "ASU-VEA-PM-65 / F010" form.