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Management of utilization of university facilities


Department specializations:
* Follow up and control of the work related to community service and environment development work and ensure that it is completed on time and inform the heads of the negative aspects and causes thereof, and work to solve them.
* Follow up on the work plans of centers and units of a special nature related to the affairs of community service and environmental development, which provide their services or some of their services to non-students to benefit from them, except for university hospitals.
* Supervise university facilities for non-students and working on developing new fields of activity in order to achieve the needs of society and the environment.
* Develop plans to organize university facilities for non-students.
* Establish procedures for depositing the proceeds of university facilities for non-students in the competent banks and supervising the records necessary to prove all deposit and disbursement operations in accordance with the established systems and rules.
* Supervise the application of the university’s financial regulations regarding the system of accounts for university facilities that provide services to non-students and the rules for disposing of their proceeds

* Renewal of temporary contracts for the resources of the centers and units of a special nature that have been approved
* Contract agreements and protocols that have been reviewed and approved.  Approval of training courses certificates. ;