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General Administration of Environmental Projects

Main competencies

Prepare plans and programs that ensure the achievement of the university’s role in community service and environmental development, follow up the implementation and evaluation of what has been achieved, and submit periodic reports on it to the Interim board of Community Service and Environmental Development.

Develop plans and programs for university facilities that provide services to non-students.

Laying down training plans and programs of various types, whether continuous training or transformative training.

Develop plans and programs for professional and technical training for the public.

Study the applied research plans that are conducted for the account of external entities, approve them, follow up the work process, and submit periodic reports to the Interim board of Community Service and Environmental Development.

Follow up the implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities, the University Board, and the Board Council of Community Service and Environmental Development.Field of application:

Planning and development of the environment


Planning and development to spread health, cultural, social and environmental awareness. In addition to developing the skills of school students and various university faculties, and serving the surrounding communitySchools of different educational departments

University faculties

Companies and hospitals

Government Authorities

Procedures of Planning and Environmental Development Department

Department of monitoring the implementation of environmental research projects

General procedure:

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