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Achieving leadership of the Center in the field of protecting nature and biodiversity at the local, regional and international levels within three years, and it is measured by the extent of the application of international standards, the participation of business partners, the number of members and the implemented activities.


Contribute to the protection of nature and biodiversity in Egypt through the Center of Consultation and Scientific Studies of Nature Reserves at Ain Shams University in cooperation with business partners.

Strategic objective

Enabling the center to participate in finding and designing an effective policy in protecting nature and biodiversity in Egypt that contributes to laying the foundations for sustainable development

1. Establishing a sophisticated and inexpensive environmental monitoring system that facilitates the process of continuously monitoring the environmental situation of Lake Qarun and enhancing fish production in it.

2. Establishing a map of coastal vulnerability assessment of the Zaranik Reserve as a guideline to help determine the strategies required to adapt to the problem of sea level rise and mitigate the damage along the coast of the reserve.

3. Preparing an environmental impact assessment study for the manual cleaning of solid and liquid sediments inside tanks of petroleum and its derivatives for the benefit of Al-Basha Corporation for Contracting and Petroleum Services

4. Preparing an environmental impact assessment study (b specific) for the expansion of the Armant sugar factories activity by adding a two-unit cooling tower (capacity 4000 m3/h).

5. The total number of beneficiaries of the center's services for the year 2020/2021 reached more than 7,000 persons.

1. Management of production and service projects and economic activities in natural reserves

2. Periodic monitoring of nature reserves and biodiversity

3. Preparing qualified leaders for environmental work

4. Capacity building in the field of nature protection

5. Capacity building for biodiversity conservation

6. Capacity building for the preparation of conservation guards

7. Developing skills to deal with tourists in nature reserves

8. Preparing an emergency plan to confront crises and disasters in natural reserves

9. Preparing consultants for environmental impact assessment and economic feasibility of projects outside and inside nature reserves

10. Specialized courses in geographic information systems and the use of its applications in preserving natural reserves

11. Implementation of digital transformation in nature reserves

12. Economics of Natural Resources

1. Nature reserves in Egypt

2. Nature reserves in Egyptian law

3. The Environmental Dimension of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

4. Egypt's Vision 2030 and the nature reserves

5. Digitization of nature reserves

6. The role of GIS in preserving biodiversity and nature reserves

7. Environmental Sustainability Standards Manual "Strategic Framework for Green Recovery"

8. Occupational health and safety in industrial companies and their role in preserving the environment and biodiversity

9. Eco-tourism in nature reserves


Celebrations and important environmental dates in which the Center participates in raising awareness:

1. National Environment Day Celebration - January 30

2. World Wetlands Day - February 2

3. World Wildlife Day - March 3

4. World Water Day - March 22

5. Earth Hour - March 30 at 8.30 pm Cairo time

6. World Migratory Fish Day - April 21

7. Earth Day - April 22

8. World Migratory Bird Day - 2nd Saturday of May

9. Endangered Species Day - 3rd Friday in May

10. International Day for Biological Diversity - May 22

11. World Turtle Day - May 23

12. World Environment Day - June 5

13. World Sea Turtle Day - June 16

14. World Climate Change Day - June 21

15. World Conservation Day - 28 July

16. Zero Emissions Day - September 18

17. International Day for Climate Action - 24 October

18. Sustainability Day - Fourth Wednesday of October

1. Plant your roof with your hand "Be green"

2. Measuring the rate of shore erosion

3. How to calculate and reduce each individual's carbon footprint. To what extent are you responsible as an individual for climate change?

1. Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

2. The qualitative union of associations working in the field of environmental protection

3. National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences

4. Theodor Bilharz Research Institute

5. Institute of Marine Sciences in cooperation with the International Ocean Institute

6. University of Texas, USA

7. National Media Authority