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Contract with companies, bodies and institutions on projects that serve the community and develop the environment.

Connect the university to society and achieving the university's mission in this field.

Funding research that serves the community and developing the environment.

Supervise the conduct of applied research for companies and other parties at home and abroad.


“Systems and methods of electronic payment and collection in government transactions”

In the interest of the Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Sector “General Administration of Special Units” to apply quality standards to the performance of the activities of the Community Service Affairs and Environmental Development Sector and to unify financial, administrative, and legal concepts with the aim of upgrading and improving performance and developing the resources of centers and units of a special nature.

The Community Service Affairs and Environmental Development Sector "General Administration of Units of a Special Nature" organized a training course entitled:

“Systems and methods of electronic payment and collection in government transactions”

According to the decision of the Minister of Finance

Training Course :-

" Electronic collection according to the decision of the Minister of Finance "

The Community Service Affairs and Environmental Development Sector "General Administration of Special Units" in coordination with the "Financial Consultation and Auditing" Center organized a training course for training on:

Systems and methods of electronic payment and collection in transactions in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Finance.

Amendments and exemptions related to percentages deducted from centers and units of a special nature

Financial problems facing the accounts officer in the centers and units and how to implement the new amendments during November 2018

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The following is a statement about the convoys of development

Literacy and adult education

(85) Literacy certificates were handed over to those free from illiteracy.

(15) Literacy classes were opened to serve the people of the two villages (Sidas and its dependencies, "Biba Center" - Nazlet Hanna Village, "Al-Fashn Center").

A number of (285) immediate letters were held.

A symposium was organized at the headquarters of Beni Suef Governorate to raise awareness of the seriousness of illiteracy and the mechanisms of its eradication.

Other community services

Blankets were distributed to the needy residents of the two villages, "the residence of the convoy," in coordination with the Social Affairs Department in the governorate.

LED bulbs were distributed to the people of the two villages to develop their rational thinking.

The following are the convoys carried out by the sector

Cultural Season

The Community Service Affairs and Environmental Development Sector prepares and organizes the cultural and artistic season for Ain Shams University.

Several cultural seminars are organized within the activities of the cultural season, the most important of which are:

Early Detection of breast cancer symposium 11/11/2018

Seminar "Be Strong" to combat violence against Women 10/12/2018

Occupational Safety and Health Symposium 2/18/2019

An open meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, 26/2/2019

Life skills development seminar, Dr. Ashour Al-Omari and Parliamentary Representative / Jihad Ibrahim, 3/5/2019

The success story of an Egyptian woman, Member of Parliament / Jihad Ibrahim, and International Swim / Rania Elwany, 3/17/2019

A symposium on smoking and drugs and their negative effects, Colonel Muhammad Awad Bassiouni, 4/9/2019

Artistic seminars

"Love is Life" symposium / Osama Mounir 11/14/2018

Actress/ Laila Elwi symposium 4/9/2019

Slum Development

Ain Shams University’s "Sector of Community Service and Environmental Development" has prepared a proposed activity plan for the development of slums surrounding Ain Shams University, in coordination with the Al-Waili district.

Al-Waili neighborhood was addressed to specify (schools - streets) that will be developed and to carry out renovation and maintenance work.

Awareness campaigns were organized for the people of the Al-Waili neighborhood.

A committee was formed from Ain Shams University, including:

One of the engineers of the General Administration of Engineering Affairs.

Technicians from the General Administration of Engineering Affairs (plumbing - electricity -... etc.)

A member of the University Parks Department to supervise beautification and landscaping operations in the proposed places

This is to coordinate with the Major General / Head of the Al-Waili district to determine the date for the start of implementation, which is proposed for it the month of July 2019.

Coordinating with the officials in the Al-Waili district and preparing an evaluation of the required works in each of the places that have been identified, and determining the initial cost of the works.

Take measures to purchase the items that will be identified and that will be used in the renovation work.

Go to the places where the work will be carried out and start implementation procedures in coordination with the district officials and those in charge of the schools where the work will be carried out, provided that all work is completed at the beginning of September 2019.

Preparing and processing awareness campaigns.

Carrying out the work of preparing and equipping the halls in which awareness campaigns will be implemented, which are in the following places:

Al-Zaher Sports Club - Al-Waili Youth Center.

Coordinating with the faculty staff in charge of implementing awareness campaigns.

Announcing awareness campaigns in coordination with the officials in the district.

First: District Schools:

In coordination with Mr. Brigadier General / Head of Al-Waili District and Mr. / Director of Educational Administration in Al-Waili District, the neediest (2) schools have been identified, and they are listed as follows

1 - Abu Bakr Sports School (preparatory – secondary).

2 - Al-Abbasiya Preparatory School (Girls).

In order to carry out the following work:

1 - Painting and beautifying a number of classrooms in the two schools.

2 - Repair and maintenance of toilets in the two schools.

3 - Renovation, repair, and development of students' seats inside the classrooms.

4 - Carrying out afforestation works for the two schools and increasing the green spaces.

5 - Painting and developing the walls of the proposed schools.

The works that were identified in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education were completed before the specified date, and the works were reviewed by the committee formed by the Ministry of Higher Education.