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The sector had conducted the Second Conference of the masters of deputy heads of universities which was held in hospitality house in Ain Shams University on 25.11.2009 and which ended to several recommendations including: - proposals for the development of the financial resources of universities - and organizing a week of community service and development environment - and active cooperation with civil society organizations and establishing clear policies for community participation - and the proposals for the safety and security of university facilities.


The future of philosophy in the third millennium Conference (Faculty of Arts) 27/11/2007

Thirteenth Conference on crisis support management and social justice events (Faculty of Commerce) 29/11/2008>

Fourteenth Conference on financial, global and economic crisis and its effects on the sectors of the national economy (Faculty of Commerce) 12/12/2009

First Conference of treating job in the Middle East (Postgraduate Institute of Childhood) 27/4/2007

The first conference of the scientific strategy of Ain ​​Shams University (Postgraduate Institute of Childhood)

Eighth Conference of the European Group of elderly Researches (Yorikar) (Faculty of Medicine)

Ain Shams University, Third International Environmental Engineering Conference (Faculty of Engineering) 14/4/2009.