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Self- Resources development


The Community and Environment Affairs Sector seeks constant and continuous research on various sources of funding that generate revenues through the development of the resources of the community and environment sector to contribute to bridging the budget deficit and providing financial support to the various departments and faculties of the university through the following:

Exploitation of untapped areas in the university and the establishment of a number of ad units (Uni-pol and temporary outlets).

1 - The conclusion of contracts of advertising columns (UniPol) on campus and different colleges: -

Al Ahram Advertising Agency contracted to establish (4) advertising columns on campus (a)

The news agency contracted for the establishment of (3) advertising columns on campus (b)

2 - Contracting (service outlets - advertising campaigns): -

Revenues were collected from temporary service outlets and promotional campaigns, which are established according to the organizing rules and approved by the Council of Community and Environment Affairs.

3- The Arab Information Technology Company

The contract between the university and the Arab Information Technology Company was renewed regarding the service of showing the students' results on the mobile phone and landline.

4 - Collection against the accreditation of training courses certificates: 

The University Board approved an increase in the cost of auditing and accreditation services to be as follows:

  • Courses and training programs for more than one month - 150 LE
  • Training Diploma and in accordance with the conditions and regulations - 200 LE
  • MBA-DBA and in accordance with the rules and regulations - 200 LE
  • Documenting the certificates of the certified trainer according to the organizing rules - 1000 LE
  • Contracting (service outlets - advertising campaigns).