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Doctors of Excellence Services Unit


Unit objectives:

 Draw clinical practice programs for graduates of faculties of dentistry, whether in the universities of Egypt or in other universities, to refine graduates scientifically and clinically in the various departments of the faculty and under the supervision of the faculty professors.

 Providing advanced technological capabilities for our Egyptian and Arab dentists to bring them to the highest levels of dentistry.

 Strengthening the links between the faculty and the faculties of dentistry in Egypt's private universities and other universities by presenting the hadiths on what science has reached.

 Helping researchers to photograph the necessary documents, scientific periodicals, books, and using the information network for their research.

Unit achievements:

Other achievements

 Training (250) internship doctors from faculty graduates, (145) graduates of the corresponding faculties.

 Supervising the training of visiting doctors.

 Serving the faculty and its students through the Internet and photocopying of documents.

 Creating an internship plan for the academic year 2014/2016 to improve service performance for internal and external interns.

 This unit has achieved a distinguished financial position during this period.