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Financial Advisory and Audit Center


Data of the Center Director:

Name: Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Shaheen

Specialization and degree: Assistant Professor of Accounting and Auditing - Faculty of Commerce




Appointment decision

Basic data of the house:

Establishment of the unit: 26/1/2006AD

Phone / 26828608

Fax / 26828608

Email / _____

Website / _____



  • Offering financial and tax services counselling to all the faculties, institutes and units of the University.

  • Auditing and assessing the special units financial performance.

  • Establishing a think-tank specialized in financial and tax services counselling, as well as auditing the financial accounts of the different bodies and institutions upon request.

  • Participating in feasibility studies and assessing financial performance inside and outside the University.

  • Assessing expense accounts inside and outside the university.

  • Holding training courses for the employees inside and outside the University in various financial topics.

  • Cooperating with local and international authorities for increasing the efficiency of the employees and the managers in financial affairs, after obtaining the necessary consents from the bodies in charge.

  • Taking part in conducting the studies necessary for calculating the costs and operating processes as well as all the other tax services inside and outside the university.


Training Courses:

  • Holding accounting workshops for the employees of the special units and centers.
  • Holding a training course on preparing final accounts.

Consultations and Studies:

  • Providing financial consultations and services for the university’s special centers and units.
  • Assisting the former centers in solving their financial problems.
  • Responding to the needs of the special units seeking counsellors to examine the financial records and documents and offer the necessary consultations.
  • Examining the financial status of all the special centers and units.
  • Assisting in the preparation of the special centers and units final accounts.
  • Responding to all the special units and centers correspondences and questions.
  • Ensuring sustainable cooperation between the units and the performance assessment administration as a division of the special units general administrative body.
  • Training the employees in the financial administrations to prepare the quarterly financial status reports in coordination with the special units general administrative body.
  • Reviewing the Centers financial statements.
  • Auditing and ensuring the processing of the payments due for the different entities.
  • Providing tax counselling for the centers and ensuring that they file the taxes due.


  • A Bulletin on updating the units financial statements.