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Papyrus Studies and Inscriptions Center

Name / Dr. Noha Abdel Aal Salem Hawash

Specialization and degree/Assistant Professor at Department of European Civilization

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Mobile / 01001245391

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Basic data of the Center:

Established on 29/5/1978 AD

Means of communication:

Phone / 24664694

Fax / 24664694

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  • Attending to papyri as an essential part of our heritage since they are the main source of information that highlights the history of Egypt and its culture in particular, and that of humanity in general.
  • Documenting and photocopying published and unpublished papyri and ostraka documents.
  • Editing and publishing unpublished papyri documents.
  • Conducting research and studies related to papyrology.
  • Forming an efficient scientific team for excavation of papyri.
  • Holding local and international symposia and congresses related to Papyrology.
  • Encouraging junior scholars to specialize in papyrology.
  • Preparing trained technicians in the restoration, preservation and photocopying of papyri.
  • Preparing a series of public lectures dealing with Papyrological studies.
  • Extending some courses in ancient languages such as Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, Demotic, Coptic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Arabic to aid the scholars who are interested in Papyrology.
  • Running training courses in handling, reading, editing and publishing papyri, ostraka and inscriptions.
  • Establishing a complete index of published documents by registering, classifying and documenting the collections of various papyri, ostraka and inscriptions.
  • Extending links with the various scientific Centers that are interested in papyri all over the world.
  • Establishing scientific and cultural ties in the field of papyrology in the Middle East.
  • Enriching the Centers library with multi-lingual periodicals on papyrology published in Egypt or abroad.


Training Courses:

    7 courses in the Latin language (first level).
    5 courses in the Latin Language (second level).
    A course in the Modern Greek Language.


    The role of the temple in the Era of the Modern State.
    Prehistoric relics in Sudan.
    Refuting allegations of the prosecution of the Jews of Yemen during the Fatimid era.
    The social life of miners in the eras of Ptolemy and the Roman Empire.
    Queen Hatshepsut: between history and monuments.
    Modern excavations in the Bahariya Oasis.
    The social life in Oxyrhynchus (El Bahnasa) in light of papyri.
    Mandaic: language and culture.


    The Center’s Journal of Papyrology and Inscriptions Studies.