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- Criteria and rules for selecting applied research

1. The maximum number of applied researches to be financed in each faculty are 5 new researches.

2. Priority for research on sanitary drainage / desalination.

3. Priority for researches involving a number of young researchers in faculties and Institutes.

4. The research should be related to national / social / environmental problems

5. The research aims to localize technology or advanced knowledge.

6. The duration of the research (the period of execution of the research) shall be two years maximum.

7. The applied research shall not have been approved by the Committee for its funding and has an allocation but has  not been exchanged.

8 - Oblige the researchers after the completion of the research and presentation to the committee (by international publication or patent or that the research is applicable) as the final product of the research.


- Statistical Statement of Applied Researches during the period 2013-2017

- A statement of new and ongoing applied research funded by the University for 2016/201