Welcome to Ain Shams University

Ultrasound Unit at Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital


Unit objectives:
1- Carrying out ultrasound activities in three fields:
Ultrasound examination in cases of obstetrics and gynecology.
The use of ultrasound in examining the fetus by means of sensors.
The scope of examining the amniotic fluid with all of it.
2- Assist the university in teaching students, training physicians, resident representatives and delegates and training them in the use of ultrasound.
3- Conduct scientific research to solve dangerous pregnancy problems and congenital anomalies.
4- Contribute to training gynecologists and obstetricians to use modern scientific and technical methods in diagnosis and raise their technical competence in the field of ultrasound.
5- Document scientific links with universities and other units and scientific bodies on the Arab world level.
6- Carry out an international conference in Egypt and participating in international conferences abroad.
7- Full cooperation with the Egyptian Society for the use of Ultrasound in the Field of Biological Medicine, which is the national gathering of doctors interested in this branch, and cooperating with the Association in carrying out joint activities.

Date of establishment:  24/6/2013

Phone  :  01004155285 (Financial Manager of the Unit)
Mobile: 01223771176 (employee at the unit)