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Center of the Care of People with Special Needs (Faculty of Graduate Studies for Childhood)


Objectives of the Center
1- Providing integrated medical and educational services to reduce the effects of disability of all kinds (mobility - auditory - speech - psychological - autism - learning difficulties).
2- Laying the modern foundations for the care of mentally handicapped children and children with autism.
3- Provide services for people with special needs, including child health care and implementing development programs to develop the intelligence of these children with recreational periods (for less than 6 years ... the early childhood period).
4- Implement the approved national programs to educate the punished mentally according to the objective curricula and enable them to obtain certificates recognized by the Ministry - from the age of 6 years: 12 years ... the period of late childhood.
5- Conduct advanced scientific research in the field of prevention and early diagnosis of various disabilities.
6- Conduct comprehensive examination research to determine the rates of different disabilities in Egypt, through cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Population and the Information Center headed by the Council of Ministers.
7- Contribute to the training of specialists and applicants for postgraduate studies, using the center's capabilities.
8- Establish a unified treatment plan for each type of disability that those in charge of treating this category adhere to, and it is carried out in cooperation with the various expertise of the Ministry of Health and Population and the Health Insurance Authority.
9- Train parents of children with special needs on how to deal with the type of disability that children have on sound scientific bases, in preparation for their assistance in training at the center.
10- Hold seminars aiming at the quality of society in terms of prevention, detection, early intervention and community-based rehabilitation for all types of disabilities.
11- Organize international conferences to present the talk in this field and cooperating with similar centers internally and in developed countries with the benefit of distinguished foreign expertise.

The legal basis
The provisions of these regulations regulate the financial and administrative dispositions of the Special Needs Care Center at the Institute of Higher Studies for Childhood - Ain Shams University, as it is a unit of a special character and has its technical, financial and administrative independence in accordance with the Supreme Council of Universities Decision No. 347 of 10/22/2005 AD, in accordance with the provisions of Article 7. Paragraph 7 The second of the executive regulations of the Universities Organization Law No. 49 of 1972.