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Rheumatic diseases unit at Ain Shams University Hospital


Unit objectives
1- Provide laboratory and therapeutic service for patients with rheumatic and immunological diseases efficiently, quickly and at economical prices through advanced specialized laboratory and clinics for the unit (provided that it is free of charge for those who are unable) by members of the faculty and consultants in the specialty.
2- Spread health awareness among patients and their families to introduce rheumatic and immunological diseases.
3- Train doctors on early diagnosis skills for rheumatic and immunological diseases.
4- Hold and participating in conferences, training courses and workshops at home and abroad.
5- Do research in the field of rheumatic diseases with emphasis on research of practical interest.
6- Assist medical researchers in scientific research and studies under the supervision of a select group of faculty members and consultants in the specialty and various related branches of medicine at home and abroad.

Date of establishment : 9/8/1989
Contact                        : 01004155285